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How To Dress Your Small Living Room With Multiple Doorways

How To Dress Your Small Living Room With Multiple Doorways

Living Room Decoration Ideas with Multiple Entrances


There is no doubt that the living room is always the heart of our house as this is where we gather, relax, or entertain. However, this place also comes with a lot of hassle especially when you have a small living space. A restricted space requires judicious use of the space to be able to fit in all the furniture without looking too crowded. Regardless of the size, it can be difficult and challenging too when your small living room has multiple doorways. But that can’t stop you from putting your favorite decorative elements to make this place look at its best. A little bit of planning and proper decor magic can bring you out of this struggle. If you are someone who always feels that the living room looks always cramped and cluttered with multiple entrances, then you aren’t alone.

We always dream of having a magnificent and functional living room as we are likely to spend the most time in it. No matter how small your space, it can still look stylish and phenomenal. For many homeowners, decorating a small living room that has multiple doorways can be a nightmare. But not to worry anymore as we are here to help you with this dilemma. Check out the below tips to dress up the most versatile arena in your home.

Top 5 Small Living Room Design Ideas


  • Consider Your Walls:

Having too many entrances means you will have very little surface area visible around them. But you can utilize this place very smartly by considering some vibrant and contrasting wall colors and designs. From bold to any dramatic colors, you can choose anything to enhance the grace of that tiny area. Some small artworks or vivid wallpapers can also work to create an impressive look.

  • Proper Placement of Furniture:

Placing the furniture in the right position can be a hassle when doorways interrupt the wall surface. You have to keep the doorways free for easy access which creates the problem of where to place the furniture. There are many people who push all the furniture against the wall. But that’s not necessary as you can gather and keep them in the middle of the living room. You can keep a center table to make the space feel more welcoming. Try not to keep your doorways engaged with the furniture as this will look messy.

  • Doorways Love Window Treatments:

Mounting blinds and shades add endless value to your space. Choosing some interesting hues and textures will add dimension to your place while adding a touch of architectural interest. Covering your multiple doorways not only enriches the aesthetics of your decor but also offers various functional benefits that ensure a comfortable stay all year long. By preventing incoming light and heat, window treatments maintain a consistent temperature of your living area. Mount them inside or outside of the window frame depending on the requirements. But if you are considering curtains, try to hang them high to create an illusion of a bigger and more spacious room. Be it a sliding glass door, French door, or a simple side door, customize them properly to bring the whole room together into the look you desire for.

  • Include Some Decorative Elements:

Putting decorative items with lots of entryways can be difficult especially when you have a small living room. You may confront a lack of space for corner racks, floor lamps, or plants. Instead, you can go for ceiling hanging plants, lighting, or a piece of artwork. You have to be a little creative to decorate this place smartly and efficiently.

These are the few ideas that you can implement to make a statement for your small living room with many doorways. It’s completely up to you how you want the design to be bold or neutral. Do not put too many accessories that will make your space more congested or block the doors. Consult with the decor experts who will guide you by providing various ideas and inspirations!

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