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How to Dress your Bay Windows While Keeping Your Outside View


Bay windows are a lovely feature in any room, but they may be difficult to style. 

Its defining feature, how it protrudes out from the main space, can prove tricky in finding a well-fitting window dressing for. Not to worry, in this blog, we will discuss and provide suggestions on how you can dress your bay windows, along with other suggestions for making use of the space.

Decorating ideas for bay windows 

  1. Fabric Roman shades to create a distinct feature.
  • Roman shades are an amazing solution for bay windows, as they pleat in a distinct manner that separates them from other shades. When closing, roman shades fold in large pleats near the headrail, creating the appearance of a large valance like covering. Bay windows are made to stand out and the addition of Fabric Roman shades will help to distinguish it further. Amaze guests and yourself with the addition of these shades to your bay window space.
Opened Roman Shade
  1.  Drape curtains across the bay’s front.
  • Getting an individual dressing for each window in a bay area can become rather costly. To get around this pricing issue, you can hang a set of curtains across the entire bay window area instead of getting a dressing for each window. 
  • If cost is not an issue, you can combine the single drapery across with a shade for each window. This will give the bay window area a really refined look, drawing further attention to. 
  1. Employ shutters for light control and design versatility.
  • Window shutters are a great technique to cover a window completely and precisely. Bay windows are a space that can serve multiple purposes for a home. Shutters, with its ease of use, will compliment any use you make for the space. The light control granted by the shutters makes the bay space a great place for reading, having a cup of warm tea, or even a place to nap should there be enough space.
  • Being built onto the windows directly, shutters are easily fitted with another complimentary window dressing. You can add drapery or drapery valances in front of the shutters to add further beauty to the space. 
  1. Wooden Window blinds for simplicity.
  • Place wood blinds on every window. End of story. Wooden Window blinds have everything you need in a dressing: privacy, light control and a bit of insulation. Whether you are budget conscious or looking to splurge, they come in various finishes, textures and colors to meet your needs. If you are budget conscious other similar alternatives would be wallet-friendly materials like aluminum or faux wood. Whatever your budget, if you elect to go with blinds for your bay windows, you will not be left for wanting. 
  1. Add additional seating for further use.
  • You can really make your bay window space a featured place in your home. Apart from dressing it well with window treatments, you can add seating to the bay via extra cushions or pillows, should there be enough space to allow them. As previously mentioned, the bay really become a versatile space for personal use or hosting guests. The bay window space can become a favorite place for you as you mix and match your décor and uses for it.