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How to Dress a Window Over a Sink

How To Dress A Window Over A Sink

Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink Window

Kitchen windows are always eye-soothing, and through those windows, you can have a better outside view. Take some time to dress it up because a small transformation can change the look and feel of the space. If you have a window over the sink, then proper decoration always brings a good vibe to your kitchen. As we spend most of our time in the kitchen making delicious food, then why not spend some time dressing the space. There are so many things to consider before you get started. For example, when the window is over the sink, chances are it might get dirty by food or water splatter, or simply from steam and smoke. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that you get a window treatment that can withstand those conditions, and which can be easily cleaned.

To protect the windows from being faded or damaged, proper decoration is mandatory. And nothing can beat the versatility and flexibility of window shade in such a scenario. Window treatments made of PVC material are excellent for kitchens because they are water safe and easy to clean. Blinds and shades are not only meant to shield the windows from splashing foods; they have a huge responsibility in providing privacy from the outsiders, and at the same time, they offer a beautiful nature view to enjoy while cooking your meal. Below are the top window designs that are made to dress the kitchen windows.

Top 7 Kitchen Sink Window Treatments Ideas

• Faux Wood Blinds
Over the sink kitchen window treatments always need to be water and moisture-resistant to ensure their longevity. And faux wood blinds are the best example to create a big kitchen design statement. You can’t go wrong with this selection. The blinds never warp with the touch of water. They are made of PVC material; hence, you can clean easily clean the grease with soapy water.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen Windows
• Faux Wood Shutters
Get both the style and functionality with faux wood shutters. The large slats can be easily cleaned because of the PVC fabric. Their classy look will change the kitchen ambiance into a soothing and pleasing one.
• Custom Roller Shades
If you wish to give your kitchen arena a modern décor appearance, then roller shades are a great option. But make sure you select the vinyl fabric during customization because fabric roller shades accumulate more food stains and grease spots, which are hard to remove.
Kitchen Roller Shades
• Fabricated Roman Shades
Adding a textured and colorful roman shade can transform the look of the kitchen sink window amazingly. Their soft elegance look will create a pleasing ambiance throughout the space. Enjoy the ultimate light control and privacy with these window shades and at the same time, have a charming outside view through the different roman fabrics. No matter whether you have a traditional or modern kitchen décor, these shades will create a classy appearance.
But remember, these blinds are only good for aesthetics and functional purpose. They are hard to clean and maintain because of the fabric material.
Roman Shades for Kitchen
Solar Window Shades
If your kitchen sink window confronts a beautiful garden area, then solar shades are a fantastic choice to go for. The shades will let you enjoy the exterior view while maintaining your privacy. The shades can be easily wiped out, and water won’t damage the fabric for a longer time. Keep the garden insects out of the kitchen through the screens.
Solar Shades for Kitchen
• Vertical Blinds
While washing the dishes, water sprinkles can damage your beautiful windows. Protect them by mounting vertical window blinds that are resistant to moisture and extremely durable. Clean them with a cloth to increase the lifespan and shine of the blinds. These blinds will make a small window feel larger – ideal for small kitchen space.
Aluminum Mini Blinds
If you are looking for a simple yet versatile window treatment for your kitchen sink window, then mini blinds are an amazing choice which are easily customizable and cleanable. Resistant to moisture and water that ensure the longevity of the blinds.
Aluminum Blinds for Kitchen

Things to Consider Before You Make a Choice

• Before you invest in these window solutions, know your requirements first. Because depending on that, your choices can be different. For example, if you wish to have the exterior view along with privacy, then go for solar shades or window shutters. Again, if you want to prevent the sun rays for a comfortable atmosphere, then select roller shades.
• Most of the people prefer easily cleanable window treatments in this area. Faux wood blinds, solar shades, or vinyl blinds are excellent choices in such a situation.
• Durability is another thing to look for. Warmth and humidity of the kitchen can cause the blinds to warp or twist easily. So premium quality material is always preferred.
• Make sure the blinds and shades are safe for your kitchen area. Go for cordless or motorized window solutions to get the 100% safety. Otherwise, you can install a cord clip as well.
Whether you have a large or small casement window over the sink, it’s vital to pick up the right window treatment for a fabulous finishing touch. Besides the functionality and a stylish look, your chosen design must stay for a long time. Always try to select the water-resistant and sturdy solution that will work seamlessly. Play with the colors and textures of the shades that will incorporate with all the kitchen designs and create a streamlined look. For more inspirations, explore the dressings now and come up with your unique style!!

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