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How to Dress Your Modern Kitchen Bay Windows

How to Dress a Modern Kitchen Bay Window

Bay Windows

Sometimes in the midst of all the madness, we all look for those moments when you can snatch a quiet moment for yourself. A peaceful few minutes in the favorite nook of your house is all that is needed to get that sanity back. A bay window area in your house can be that perfect spot which you can call your own, let go of yourself and help to calm your nerves before you are sucked back into the madness called life. A bay window is a window space jutting out of the main walls of a building appearing like extensions growing out of the house and from within they resemble small inlets separated from the main floor space of the house. There can be a set of 3 or 5 angled windows and the vast expanse of glass giving a stunning view of the outside is truly fascinating. They allow an abundance of natural light and sunshine to pour into the room lighting up your space and spreading cheer and positive energy.

The bay windows are not only gorgeous to look at, but you can also convert them into a special reading nook, storage space, a cozy place to put your feet up and relax or spend some romantic moments with your loved ones. Adding a seating arrangement, throw in some brightly colored pillows, get some smart lights and you are done. if you have a picturesque outside setting then a bay window can be positioned to frame this view and bring it right into your house. Bay windows can be in any room. As much gorgeous as they appear in bedrooms and living rooms, bay windows in kitchens can be quite a stunner.

Bay Windows in Kitchens

Kitchens, as we know, are an integral part of your home. It is where you have family gatherings and where most parties seem to end up. A sizeable amount of time is spent here every day to cook a warm delicious meal for your loved ones. The decor must be pleasing and relaxing and if you have a bay window. They allow you to enjoy the outside view while putting together meals for your family. They allow lots of light which is always welcome in a kitchen. Bay windows can also be used to create storage spaces and a seating arrangement where you can relax with a cup of coffee as your dinner cooks. After a long day at work, it gives you an opportunity to unwind. The bay windows can be located over a sink, or you can have your dining table in the bay window space and the whole family can enjoy the view and the food. There are ample possibilities.

Window Treatments for Kitchen Bay Windows

If you have a bay window you need to dress them well. You need window treatments that will help provide privacy, add insulation to your windows and also be light filtering. Depending upon where your bay window is located in the kitchen you can choose the type of window covering you want.

If your windows are situated away from the sink or other places where they are likely to suffer stains and grease, you can opt for curtains and drapes. With bay windows, you can never go wrong with drapes. They are elegant and luxurious and does due justice to your gorgeous windows. If the window is near your dining space then drapes will give a Victorian feel. Hang them high and you can tie them from the center and help them frame your bay window. If your kitchen is mostly done up in whites and neutral shades you can use floral designs, colors, and designs for your drapes and they will spice up the look. Choose the right fabric for the drapes, hang them well and then sit back and watch them create magic.
Roman Shades
Roman shades are another classic option for your kitchen bay windows. They are timeless beauties and made of fabric. They help to add softness to the hard edges of your kitchen. They add a warmth and glow that will transform your kitchen into something magical. Select the fabric of your Roman shades as per your interiors. If your bay windows receive a lot of sunlight then you would do well to add a blackout film to the Roman shades to prevent the fabric from fading.
Fabric Roman Shades
Cellular Shades
Cellular Shades make another interesting choice for your bay windows. They are available in different light filtering and blackout variants and you choose the one that best suits your needs. As bay windows are large, they can cause energy loss and cellular shades are the most energy-efficient shades that you will come across in the market.
Woven Wood Shades
Woven wooden shades are perfect as they add softness to the sharp edges and steel appliances in a kitchen. Wooden shades have a warmth and glow that is heartwarming and will blend beautifully with any decor. They are sophisticated and classy and give you control over light and privacy.
Woven Shades for Kitchen Bay Windows
Wooden Shutters
Wood shutters are also great as shutters look stunning in a bay window. They give a lustrous feel to the surroundings. You can control light and privacy by adjusting the slats and the rich texture of wood warms up the interiors.
Shutters for Kitchen Bay Windows

Kitchen Bay Windows above the Sink

However, if your bay windows are located in the splash zone, above the sinks or food preparation area then none of the above window treatments will work. Prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity will cause the fabric and wood to warp, peel off and fade untimely. You will have to opt for materials that are moisture resistant.

Faux Wood Blinds
Faux wood blinds or shutters are perfect as they are not made from real wood and are designed to resist moisture. At the same time, they give almost the same feel like real wood. They are functional and aesthetically pleasing and are among the best options for dressing your bay windows.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen
Aluminum Blinds
Aluminum mini blinds are also a good option. Once again, they are durable and sturdy. They can survive exposure to moisture. However, they may not be visually as appealing as the other shades and blinds that we have discussed here.

So if you have a bay window in your kitchen, set out to get some lovely blinds, shades or drapes that will suit your requirements and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the stunning windows.

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