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How to Dress A Kitchen with Big Windows

How To Dress A Kitchen with Big Windows

Dressing up space speaks volumes on your choice of decor themes and style. Home decor is a form of self-expression as you bring home or even your office space the kind of aesthetics you like. We’ve always heard of the saying, never judge a book by its cover but we always judge a room by what’s kept in it, how it’s kept, the layout and even the window accents. The kind of window space you have, the way it’s decorated, and the amount of sunlight you allow to enter speak volumes on the type of setting or ambiance you enjoy having.

When it comes to choosing window coverings for different rooms or spaces there are many things to consider like how bright should the room be, should the room look aesthetics and cohesive, is the room more comforting with a dark ambiance, etc. It’s easy to think about window accents for your living room. But ever wondered about window treatments for the kitchen? The kitchen is a crucial space for the house because that’s where all the food, beverages and even your late-night snacks are kept, therefore when you consider window treatments for the kitchen there are certain things to be kept in mind and certain options you can pick from as well.
Roman Shades for Kitchen Bay Window

How to Pick Window Treatments for Your Kitchen Area

A kitchen is an essential part of any home. From brewing up your daily dose of morning caffeine to enjoying a nice dinner with the family, the kitchen is the center of it all as everything starts with a bite of yummy food. A kitchen is a functional space as well as where warm memories can be made like cooking with your kids, friends or any loved ones.

It is also an area that is exposed and welcoming to many people, right from our partner/roommate or kids looking for something to eat, to all your friends Instagramming whatever meal you’re making for them. It’s always best to have the room flooded with light so that you or anyone else who is doing the cooking or baking can visibly see what they’re doing.

Just because a kitchen space is functional does not mean that it cannot be aesthetic, sometimes the kitchen brings for a ground for those aesthetically arranged mason jars filled with content you need. Therefore even when it comes to picking window treatments like blinds there are certain points to keep in mind.

• The size of your kitchen and the window. This will play a very important factor when it comes to deciding your window treatment. For small windows, functional blinds are the key whereas for big and spacious windows blinds with a bit of bold or aesthetic appeal can work wonders.
• The level of dedication you have to utilize your kitchen is another important factor. If you’re an individual who’s ready to get all creative with food then having blinds made of a material that is easy to clean is important, if you’re the kind who is into simple cooking then you have can choose blinds of various other materials as well.
• The window treatment you choose will be based on where exactly is it being placed in the kitchen. Is it in a zone that is exposed to a lot of water as the sink or over the stove where a lot of cooking takes place making them susceptible to getting food sains, or is it on the backdoor which is susceptible to dirt and grime from outside the house? This will influence the material you choose to buy in terms of window treatments like blinds.
• The lighting preference, when it comes to kitchen lighting it’s not only about the preference but also the amount. To cook or bake a good amount of light is required but excess sunlight can spoil food as well, therefore, the amount of sunlight required is moderated by the kind of window treatment you choose.
• Where exactly does your window face, is there a view you’d like to enjoy, does it face the backyard where your kids play or where you host your soirees? The view and position of your window play an important role in the kind of blinds you pick.
Faux Wood Blinds for Kitchen Windows

What Options are Available to Dress Kitchen with Big Windows?

Since with the window, it’s not all about functionality does not mean you can’t get yourself something that ties together your space. If you have a magnificent kitchen window you can choose various types of blinds. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the measurements as they play a key role in giving you that perfect fit.
• To bring that simply rustic charm to your kitchen you can opt for wooden or faux wood blinds, they’re easy to clean and sport a simple appeal that cannot go missing.
• For something a bit more classic in a style, you can fix some roman shades and watch it bring your space to life. Even some chic plain shutters will do the trick.
• For something super easy to maintain aluminum or plastic blinds are the best.
Asses the need of the hour and then take your pick!

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