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How To Dress a Double Window Over Kitchen Sink

How to Dress a Double Window Over Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of a home, where meals are prepared to nourish the body, soul, and mind of the whole family. It is not only the place to cook but also the place where we gather to eat or even relax for a while to find peace from the maddening noise of modern life. A double window not only enhances the look of the kitchen, but it also speaks of the lifestyle of members residing in a particular home.

Keeping in view the increasing multifunctional requirements of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a double window over kitchen sink lets in much-needed light and ventilation providing a cozy and comforting ambiance to the interiors. The choice of blinds for this double window depends upon the shape, purpose, designs or color combinations used in the kitchen. To make the window look much more attractive and appealing, a variety of dressing options are available:

1. Multifunctional Bamboo Blinds: Widely available and multifunctional, bamboos have been the most preferred material for walls, partitions, as well as rugs. Woven shades made of the bamboo look classy when we use these for dressing a double window over the kitchen sink. Besides being an easy-to-find option, bamboo blinds are inexpensive as well and add warmth and visual texture to the kitchen space.

2. Stylish Café Curtains: Café Curtains are an older style, yet are also one of the most dependable options to dress a double window. Covering only half of the window, café curtains add style to the kitchen interiors while offering privacy. Originating from street cafes of Vienna in the 19th century, Café Curtains have become a much-preferred option since they offer a unique combination of natural light and privacy.
Cafe Curtains for Kitchen
3. Roman Shades for a creative makeover: Roman Shades are excellent for injecting a little color to the kitchen when applied on a double window over the kitchen sink. These window dressing options help to prevent the hot and dry street dust from entering the home. These shades are considered to be a symbol of wealth and status too.

4. Window Valance: Also known as a Cornice, window valances provide a unique accent to your double window. Made of either stained wood or colorful patterned fabric, this option imparts a unique appeal to the kitchen.
Valances for Kitchen Windows
5. Shutters: Folding doors in light or dark colors make the double window look inviting and classic. Shutters are also considered an excellent option to save space since they can be conveniently fitted into window recess without intruding into any workspace.
Shutters for Kitchen
6. Top-Down Bottom-Up Kitchen Blinds: These Flexible Kitchen Blinds are highly maneuverable especially for a double window that faces street or road. The top-down bottom-up lift option allows added versatility and convenience in light control as you can open the shade from either the top or bottom or both.

7. Colorful Venetian Kitchen Blinds: Unlike other double window dressing options, Venetian Kitchen Blinds are quite colorful and also offer a wide range of window treatment options meant to add matching shades to kitchen accessories.

Thus, you can give your kitchen a contemporary look with appropriate blinds for double windows over a kitchen sink that are easy to install too.