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How To Dress Different Sized Windows In The Same Room

How To Dress Different Sized Windows In The Same Room

One Room, Different Size Windows

Decorating windows is straightforward but takes lot of time and patience. Once you decide whether you want a casual interior or formal, it becomes easy to choose the right window solution. There are plenty of window treatments available in the market that fit the windows perfectly while giving the overall décor an elegant and astounding makeover. Blinds and shades are uniquely designed to fit different window shapes. Different window shapes and styles include large, small, wide, arched, awning, double-hung, bay, cascade, slider, skylight, and many more. But what happens when you have different sized windows in same room? Too many windows in one room may sound good as they can brighten up your space by allowing the maximum amount of natural daylight and fresh air. Multiple windows can be a good source of Vitamin D but for the sake of protection from outsiders and natural elements like harsh rays of the sun, harmful UV rays and cold draft, they need to be covered. And window dressings play a significant role.

Dressing multiple windows of different sizes in the same room might be a daunting task for many homeowners. No matter what type of window you have, finding the right one that will give the windows a cohesive look while offering various functional benefits is a difficult task because we don’t even know how they all will look after the installation. But we can share some tips and tricks with you so that you can dress these different size windows with confidence. Follow the below ideas and design windows like a pro!

Designer Tips to Treat Different Size Windows in the Same Room

If your windows vary in different shapes and sizes, and you are looking forward to add character and visual interest to the windows, then our pro tips will help you out from all the problems.

• Know Your Requirements
Before you decide to buy a new blind, it’s essential to know the requirements of the space. Know how much light you want to let in, whether privacy is a concern or not, even glare can be an issue for your place. All these things help you to determine the right window shading. We suggest installing the same blind for every window. Whether you have large windows or different styled windows, opt for the same style of window treatment. For example, the living room requires playful window dressing that can control excess sunlight while offering privacy and, in that situation, roller shades are a perfect choice. For a kitchen area, you can choose floral style fabric roman shades. Using the same window dressings will create a co-ordinated and clear aesthetic.
Different Size Living Room Window Treatments
• Stick to the Same Color Palette
There is no doubt that same colored window treatments always look cool that too on different size windows. Using the same color pulls a room together and creates a cheerful and consistent look. Depending on room type, customize your window solution with the right color. Interior specialists suggest light-colored or natural colored window coverings for different size windows because they look eye-soothing and pleasing. For example, light-colored solar shades look great on bedroom windows.
Same Colored Window Treatments
• Mix and Match Window Styles
If you are looking to add some extra depth and dimension to your different size windows, then mixing and matching can be a great option. For example, you can layer draperies over roman blinds for a textured look which also gives you an added control of the light and privacy. This pairing works excellent when you have both small and large windows in the same room. While doing this mixing and matching make sure to select the same fabric material for all the window treatments, it will maintain consistency for all the windows.
Mixing Cellular Shade With Drapery
• Try Out Some Neutral Window Solutions
When you are dealing with the different size windows and don’t know where to start from, just keep the decoration simple. Try out the neutral tone window designs for every window to create a matching aesthetics. You can go for curtains customized with neutral hues and textures to create a sophisticated and stylish look. Neutral window coverings not only bring soft vibes inside your space but also control sunlight while offering privacy.


So, if you owe different size windows in the same room, and looking for a proper decoration in order to achieve a designer look while getting functional benefits, worry no more. Consider the above ideas to bring out the best of your windows. Well-decorated windows not only enrich the look of your home décor but also maintain unity and cohesiveness. Consult with designers and professionals if you face any difficulty while dressing such windows.