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How to Dress and Hang Your Curtains Under A Cornice

How To Dress and Hang Your Curtains Under A Cornice

A Guideline to Hanging Curtains under a Cornice

Who doesn’t like to add a dramatic flair to their windows while creating a rich and charming window look? When it comes to window décor, there are multiple options available to complement your entire home. Their amazing designs will enhance the aesthetics to the next level while adding value to space. But often you might feel that the window needs something extra to create a finished look. It can be a little bit of drama to beautify the windows in a substantial way. One of the best ways to make your windows attractive is opting for fashionable window curtains hung under a cornice board.

We all know that curtains are popular for their stylish and elegant look that offer a range of functional benefits including light control, insulation, and privacy. And if you want to make the windows a highlighted focal point of your space, then a cornice board over the curtains do a great job, creating a stylish yet versatile look while enhancing practical benefits. If you are new to this field, then you might wonder what a cornice board is. Well, it is a decorative molding that is designed to hide the unattractive window hardware, mounted on the top part of the window treatment. When customized and installed properly they can bring sophistication to your indoor, improving the functionality of the windows. Pair them with any curtain like sheer, translucent, or any to revamp the beauty of the windows.

Custom Wood Cornices

Decorate your windows further with our Custom Wood Cornices. Available in many different sizes and color options, Cornices add to the charm of your window’s dressing.

Now, the question is how to dress and hang the curtains under a cornice especially when you have existing cornice board mounted. Hanging cornice board alone will block sunlight while offering privacy, but to increase the functionality hanging curtains under it will do a brilliant job.
When it comes to individual installation, you can easily mount them on the windows following few simple instructions. But what about hanging curtains under a cornice? This is not that difficult as it sounds. Follow the step by step guideline to hang the curtain without any hassle!
Wood Cornice Board

Install Curtain under Cornice Board

Before you get started, make sure that there is space at the back of the cornice board and enough length to hang the curtain, otherwise, there will be trouble hanging the curtains. Now, have a look at the DIY process which is simple and easy to follow –

• First, you need to decide what type of curtain you want as there are many options available including rod pocket, pinch pleat, and many more. And all these come in an assortment of colors and pattern options. Customize and get the one that will match your cornice board style while highlighting the other key elements in your room.
• Get the hardware (for example – a simple metal rod is ideal for rod pocket panels) and drapery pins for pleated drapery installation.
• Open the tension rod, glide the panels on and press the rod in underneath the cornice.
• Remove the cornice from the L-brackets and take it down. Measure the panel’s height and cornice width, and create a mark on the wall. Now, take a drill machine and install mounting brackets with the right screws.
• For rod pocket installation, move the rod inside the pocket and secure the sides onto the brackets. And in case of pinch pleated panel, you need to attach pins into the back of each pleat.
• Once the curtain is in place, mount the cornice again, and you are all set to access them.
In this way, you can easily hang your curtains under a cornice while enhancing the beauty of the windows!

Disclaimer – There are multiple DIY ways of hanging curtains under a cornice board. For example, you can attach them together using some tape as well. It’s up to you which one you will go for. It’s better to consult with the professionals before you get started because depending on the material and other factors, the process can vary. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage or loss that happens to your product during the installation.

Creative Curtain Ideas to Hang Below Cornice

For a printed cornice board, you can use solid color for curtain and if the cornice is made with the solid hue tone then opt for same colored window curtain for magnificent appeal. Solid color cornice boards with patterned and textured curtains also look amazing. Contrasting colors and designs for both cornice and curtains work amazingly.
Explore with the designs and don’t be afraid to experiment with the color while customizing your curtains. In this way, dress your curtains under a cornice and add style to your space.


There are various creative ways of hanging curtains under a cornice board to achieve a matching and co-ordinated look for your window. Make sure the curtain you are planning to install integrates the cornice style and suit the décor type. And then follow the simple guideline to hang them properly. Hang the cornice high near the ceiling and have the curtains hang down to the ground.

DIY procedures give you ultimate satisfaction and save money too. But it’s highly recommended to check with the designers before you get started for an error-free installation!

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