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How to Dress a Weird-Shaped Window

How To Dress a Weird Shaped Window

The challenges faced in covering up our windows are real, for no two windows are quite the same. Homeowners today are ready to experiment and explore with window styles. Gone are the days when rectangular and square windows were the only ones to adorn our houses. Today there are any endless possibilities when it comes to window shapes and sizes. Angular windows are very popular like hexagonal, triangular, semi-circular, etc. These unique window shapes add a distinct character to the rooms, easily become the focal points of the room decor, and make a gorgeous addition to any home. While these windows make a great addition to the house, the real challenge arises when you want to dress them up efficiently and effectively. For, no matter how gorgeous and stunning these windows are, you can afford to leave them bare. It will give rise to a host of problems like privacy and security concerns, loss of energy, easy and unfiltered streaming of UV rays, etc. With so many considerations, the task of finding the right window treatment solution for your weirdly-shaped windows can be tough but exciting at the same time. Most of the standard window treatment solutions will not be applicable for these windows. You need ones that can be customized and personalized to meet the specific requirements of your windows. For dressing up all kinds of windows, you need those with a certain foothold and a strong reputation backing them up. Be it drapery, shutters or roller shades, brands such as Crown, Graber and Hunter Douglas are often the most reliable ones.

Blinds & Shutters for Circular Windows

A circular window can provide a fabulous view of the outside, especially when the home is overlooking a meadow or the skyline of a bustling, expansive city. A wide enough rod installed a few inches above the window will ensure that your curtain covers the dimensions without letting any light to escape through the sides or the top of the window. Your home shall be insulated, and you may just draw them to one side every time you wish to enjoy the outside view. As there are multiple light filtering as well as room darkening curtains depending on the intensity of heat or cold, you may take your pick. Window shutters are another great idea for treating your circular windows. They are available in a variety of materials like wood. They look gorgeous and are extremely functional as well. You can customize Venetian Blinds to fit your circular windows.
Blinds and Curtains for Semi Circular Windows

Bay Windows with Window Seats

Bay windows are quite common nowadays. They jut out of the exterior part of the house and add additional space to the room. These windows can be two or three angled with three or five sets of windows. They create a cozy nook in the house for you and your family which can be utilized the way you want. These windows are easy to dress. Drapery, shutters, blinds can all be customized to fit your bay windows. Roman Shades are a popular choice for bay windows. You can also add valances to add aesthetic value to these beautiful windows.
Roller Shades for Bay Windows

Arched Windows

These window shapes offer a unique design element that is followed by homeowners across the globe. Curved at the top with flat bottoms, they lend an exquisite look: a traditional design in a contemporary setting. They are often divided by even-sized panes to achieve balance, but the real challenge is getting the right window coverings. Once you’ve got that ticked off, there is a lot that you can experiment with. Maybe have the upper half of them covered with plantation shutters, while the lower half can have frosted glass to achieve both privacy and light filtration. Apart from wooden shades, you may have honeycomb shades or mini blinds to cover your medium-sized arched windows.
Wood Blinds for Arch Windows

Blinds for Skylights

Skylights are often some of the most essential window coverings that you could ask for in a house that otherwise don’t get enough sunlight coming in through the windows. To keep the home glowing in natural light and allow a source of ventilation to keep things light and airy, you need to have skylights installed on your rooftops. Both shutters and single-cell/double cell honeycomb shades can work well for these. However, the shades need to be motorized for maximum possible convenience, or you shall be climbing up the ladder multiple times a day just to adjust your blinds.
Electric Skylight Blinds

Blinds for Asymmetrical Windows

Asymmetrical windows are often found in many homes with walls that are built in a way that accommodates their shape. In such a scenario, you might need a fabric that is flexible enough to be extended to cover every dimension of the window. We recommend curtains with velcro closures, which can be held back and provide a neat look to a tricky window shade, besides insulating your rooms well.

Windows can be off any shape and size today and the flourishing and growing window treatment market ensures that none of these differently shaped windows go untreated. They can be easily customized to meet any requirements which allow homeowners to breathe easily. So if you are planning to install a uniquely shaped window to your space do not hesitate.

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