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How To Dress A Room With Big Windows While Keeping Natural Light

How To Dress A Room With Big Windows While Keeping Natural Light

Windows are one of the most interesting parts of any house that transforms the look of the building from inside as well as outside. As technologies have evolved, so have our windows, with modern homes now enjoying the advantage of a wide array of options in terms of size, material, and shape of the window.

Earlier, this wasn’t the case as windows were just openings in homes designed to let in the natural sunlight. In history, the Roman empire started utilizing glass in their windows, however, these were actually opaque. Gradually, glass became clear enough that could be seen through. But, large windows were meant for wealthy people as intricate designs and more glass implied more costs. The industrial revolution changed the making of windows resulting in high-strength, low-cost, and efficient materials like steel and aluminum. These materials paired with the invention of insulation and glazing changed the availability of intricate window designs. Now, a modern house owner can enjoy big windows that don’t compromise on energy efficiency while offering several advantages:

  • Big Windows Let in Natural Light

The more natural sunlight enters a house, the better it is as the daylight creates an illusion of size as well as space. This makes your house appear bigger and it also bears a positive impact on your mood. Large windows allowing the maximum amount of natural light can take different forms based on the intended room ranging from big bay windows with sleek sightlines to a complete floor-to-ceiling window.

  • Solar Gain

Large windows make a house feel warmer during summers, boosting the amount of sunlight that enters your house thereby, warming up your space naturally through solar gain.

  • Design Aesthetic

A large window is an eye-catching, visually magnificent addition to a house. For house owners, they offer the maximum possible wide view from inside the house. From the outside, excellent feature windows can be transformative thereby, upgrading a house from a normal suburban building to an actual standout that will grab appreciative glances or even purchasing interest.

  • Energy Efficiency

Earlier, large windows implied low energy efficiency as they were more likely to allow heat to escape or cold to enter the house. Fortunately, due to double glazing, this is not an issue anymore and your big window rather enhances the energy efficiency of your house.

  • Brings in Fresh Breeze Of Air

Large windows openly let in fresh air enter and fill your house with the fragrance of flowers and plants from your garden. The fresh air circulates throughout your house and ventilates all the rooms to enhance indoor air quality with abundant oxygen. Having fresh air in the home boosts your heart rate and improves your blood pressure.

How To Decorate A Room With Large Windows

If you are one of those fortunate house owners or renters whose decor features large windows, then enjoy the picturesque view while making those glass panes count:

  • Make Maximum Use Of The Space Between The Windows

While installing large windows, it is common that we would have wider spaces between the windows. Our furnishings should be present in these spaces. Also, if you want to decorate and create a feeling of broader spaces, then the idea is to use transparent glass that offers stunning effects when natural light passes through them. When it comes to bedrooms, avoid placing a bed with the backrest close to the window due to two reasons: the first one being it is an insecure practice, and the second one being we may end up wasting all the magnificent view that it offers. If the light they generate during certain times of the day bothers you, then you can consider installing vertical window blinds.

  • Curtains Are Aesthetically Better Than Blinds

There is a wide range of window coverings that can be used for covering large windows. The most popular ones are the use of vertical and horizontal window blinds. But, these don’t always work best for large windows. Installing long curtains co-ordinates better with the heaviness offered by the big glass panels. Imagine how it would look like when covering an already large rigid element with an equally large and rigid window blind. On the contrary, curtains that are made of softer and flexible fabric would contrast perfectly with the windows. Further, it presents a sense of depth due to the number of folds it features. A correctly placed curtain also controls the room temperature to a certain extent.

  • Furniture Should Respect Your Large Windows

Many people tend to keep the back of their furniture always stuck to the walls which includes concealing the windows. In the case of regular windows that go to the center of the wall, there isn’t an issue in placing anything below them, however, when it comes to big windows, this can be a problem. In a house with large windows, these windows have to be the focal point and all furniture should respect them. The furniture can be placed on the wall parallel to the windows. Otherwise, if you have a lot of space, then you can place the furniture in the middle of a room, however always with a view towards them. The objective of the furniture in homes with several windows is to soften the coldness produced by the glass. However, doing this shouldn’t take away the importance of the visual and therefore, should be done in moderation.

  • You Can Always Use Artworks

The use of the artwork is crucial for any room, whether it has floor-to-ceiling windows or not. The only thing that would change would be the distribution. However, we will have to place some artworks for enhancing the environment. If you don’t have sufficient space for hanging pictures, then you can always go for incorporating sculptures. Placing one of them slightly in front of the large window offers you a unique highlight, particularly when the natural light illuminates it.

  • A Window And A Chair To Meditate In Peace

Not all homes have the goodness of featuring a visual that amazes them. Usually, in big cities, you will be able to see only buildings, and unless you are staying on an elevated floor, the outside view will be pretty monotonous. In case you are having a landscape worthy of a painting, then you should admire it. Place a chair in the direction of the large window and enjoy the view outside that it has got to offer you. Use a comfortable seat that lets you enjoy the panoramic view to the fullest.

In A Nutshell

The use of large windows as an architectural component lets you develop an intimate connection with the outside world. These permeable elements form the foundation of effective interior decor. Besides the natural lighting offered by the large windows and the introduction of fresh air, we should also take into consideration the possible visual it presents to us. For instance, if we have a sea near our house, then it is normal that you would want to appreciate it. With the above-mentioned dressing ideas, you will be able to exhibit your big windows completely without letting you detract from the magnificent view outside. These smart decor decisions offer your rooms having floor-to-ceiling windows a shine.

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