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How To Dress A Patio Door With A Window Above

How To Dress A Patio Door With A Window Above

Sliding glass doors are an integral part of modern home décor. Apart from optimizing natural light and fresh air inside, they catch great eyeballs in terms of their value in enhancing the interior decoration. If you are wondering how to dress a sliding or patio door with a window, there is no dearth of exciting ideas. The space above the patio door with the window above offers great scope for adding to the interiors of the room. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can utilize this space to deftly balance the overall area around the room.

By decking up space in numerous ways such as placing a decorative shelf above the patio door enlivens the interiors but it requires a fine sense of aesthetics to do it so that it may create a pleasing environment in your room. But it is not easy to make up your mind for choosing the items to decorate the space above sliding glass doors. Many a time, it can be puzzling when you are exploring various décor ideas. Here are some useful tips for decorating this space to give your home an entirely new, innovative, structurally sound and adorned makeover that may also help you organize and declutter your living space and provides a fine, furnished look to the wall space:

While the patio door seamlessly connects both indoor and outdoor portions it also improves the overall appearance of your home. Hence we must be extra careful while hanging curtain panels above the patio door with the window above to dress it up in a creative way. However, to achieve the desired result, we must also use tiebacks to gather or open the curtain with effortless ease. Similarly, blinds can be hanged above the patio door in such a way that they should not hinder the access to patio door. We should also keep the selection of simple colors simple to get relaxing vibes.
Vertical Shades for Patio Door
Lightweight and smooth vertical blinds are also excellent to cover patio doors. Available in cellular shades, vertical blinds are good to retain the outdoor view and get sufficient light through partial filtering. Moreover, vertical blinds are easy to adjust above the patio door with the window above to give the desired functionality and privacy at the same time. They also give a clean and modern look to the home. To give this space a sleek makeover, the best choice is to fit panel tracks over it. With their panels made of fabric, these sliding panel tracks are also easy to open or cover the patio door as per the requirement. Considered as a perfect element of décor fitted above the patio door with the window above, they give a distinct style statement to the room.
Patio Door Blinds
Antiques can also be used to beautify the space above sliding doors. Hanging over the patio door, antiques also provide additional height to the door, besides imparting magnificence to the room. Beautifying the space above sliding glass doors, the antiques hung above the doors and add additional height to the window or doorway. We can also decorate this space by using paintings or decorative shelves. Especially decorative shelves can be used to display various décor items, photos and books. Apart from all these, using multiple mirrors is also a brilliant idea. Mirrors of different artistic shapes and arrangements provide an inspiring look to the patio doors.
While all the above décor ideas bring distinctive charm to your home interiors, it largely depends on one’s personal choice and imagination to choose one perfect option among these. The space above patio door with the window above can simply be decorated with a variety of easily available objects. To give this space the much-needed makeover, we should also pay attention to the colour combination with the door and the area around. However, while choosing any idea to dress a patio door along with a window, we must also ascertain that it should not hamper the smooth operation of the door.

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