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How To Dress A Curved Window

How To Dress A Curved Window

An Expert’s Guide to Dressing a Curved Window

When you have standard shaped windows, it becomes easier and more effortless to dress them up. You don’t have to think about getting the right fit. But you may confront challenges when you have specialty shaped windows like those that are curved or arched. These types of windows add style and interest to your space while letting natural light and fresh air in. These windows make a great addition to any room and become the focal point of your home décor that adds a distinct character to the overall aesthetics. In general, curved windows have been the most stunning and architecturally beautiful for decades. But no matter how astounding and gorgeous they are, we cannot keep them open or bare as excess sunlight and heat can make your room unbearable and uneasy to stay. Your rooms will suffer energy loss causing electricity bills to soar. It will also jeopardize the privacy and security of your homes. But there is a belief among many homeowners that, as these windows are shaped differently they are difficult to cover effectively.

These amazing windows look excellent because of their unique shapes that add a sense of uniqueness to a home; however, they are hard and challenging to decorate. The first thing that strikes into our mind when we see a curved window is how to dress it? Well, most homeowners want to be creative with these windows. And they choose to go with custom curved rods while others opt for valances or curtains to change the look of the windows in a dramatic way. These window solutions may look monotonous after a certain period of time and you need something functional as well that will provide you a comfortable interior where you can enjoy quality time.

Our suggestion would be to go with some simple window coverings that don’t take over the wall or the window, look elegant, and most importantly they have to be functional and be more than just a decorative piece of fabric material. We can help you out with some practical, reliable, and efficient window coverings that will definitely complement your windows while adding great value to the rest of the décor. In this article, we are going to list out the top-recommended and three brilliant ways to dress up your curved shaped windows!

Top 3 Ways to Dress Up Curved Windows

  • Curved Shaped Cellular Shades:

When it comes to curved window treatment ideas, the first name that comes to our mind is cellular shades which have gained popularity because of incredible reliability and functionality. The shades are custom made so that they can fit the windows perfectly. When it’s installed, the shades create amazing pleats that enhance the aura and grace of the windows. These shades come in a myriad of styles, colors, and texture choices in order to create a statement for the windows. Besides, they are available in different light controlling features including sheer, light-filtering, room darkening, and blackout. Light filtering fabric allows soft and gentle rays to enter while room darkening and blackout helps to make indoor dark along with the benefits of great privacy level, perfect for bedroom and media room. The shades already come in honeycomb structured air pockets that take care of insulation, adjusting the indoor temperature in order to create a relaxing and pleasing interior atmosphere.

Always try to match the adjacent windows in the same window fabric for a well-coordinated look. Be bold and creative to make a fashion statement for these windows while creating an impressive architectural look.
Cellular Shades for Curved Windows

  • Shutters:

If you prefer a more traditional transformation for your curved windows while controlling the incoming sunlight and other unwanted rays, then shutters are the answer. These are also custom-made to match the shape of your windows. Adjusting the slats will balance the streaming of sunlight while maintaining indoor privacy and insulation. The main advantage of shutters is that you can still have the outside view when desired. Customize them from a range of design and pattern options to get the perfect seamless look for the windows.
Shutters for Curved Windows

  • Real Wood Blinds:

Who doesn’t adore the eco-friendly look for their interior? Real wood blinds are an elegant way to invite nature inside your home that brings natural freshness to increase the positive vibes of a room as well. By preventing the direct daylight and UV rays, the blinds create a soothing indoor ambiance. To create perfection and timeless beauty, customize the blinds with right hues and texture choices. Whether you are looking for a traditional or formal look, wood blinds can be the right look for you.
Real Wood Blinds for Arch Windows
These are the top three ways of dressing a curved window. The above solutions will definitely work for you. Otherwise, you can check other options like drapery or sheer curtains when sunlight and privacy are not an issue but you need a fashionable yet versatile transformation. It’s up to you and depending on the requirement choose one that will perfectly suit your curved windows and also the décor type.

Don’t keep yourself limited with the options, explore and décor them. Let the windows shine, creating the perfect dazzling look!

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