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How to Determine the Right Window Treatment That Fits Your Needs

How to Determine the Right Window Treatment

Time to Throw Some Shade

If you are looking for some fantastic shades to don your bedroom, kitchen, or living spaces, first you have to take into account your needs and requirements from the windows of those rooms. What do you have in mind for your windows? What kind of style are you going to choose? Do you have an overall theme for your home? If the answer to these questions is a “not sure” or a “maybe,” then you need to get down to the basics…

When Fashion Meets Functionality

There’s a delicate balance between style and functionality. If one overpowers the other, then it loses its core value or unique attributes. So, you have to be a little cautious when purchasing a product that boasts of both qualities. Next, figure out what that particular product is.

Is it window blinds, shades or shutters? Then you have to keep in mind your lifestyle and habits. Are you looking for a complete home makeover? Do you want an intimate setting for your bedroom? Or you want to do away with sunlight? All these factors play a vital role in buying any form of window treatment.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Many Options

There are plenty of shades, blinds, shutters, drapes, and curtains out in the market; one has to be careful with the budget and quality of the product. Don’t just go for something since you are already familiar with it, explore all available options and brands and go with the one that offers the best warranty and reliability at your price point.

Benefits of Using Blinds on Windows

• Helps in heat reduction of any room
• Gives you access to lighting control
• Very versatile in use
Window Blinds

Benefits of Using Shades on Windows

• Provides privacy for those intimate living spaces
• Removes unwanted sunbeams and light
• Changes the ambiance of the room
Window Shades

Benefits of Using Shutters on Windows

• Protection against harsh summers and winters
• Long lasting coverings for your windows
• They require minimum maintenance
Wooden Shutters

Do Window Treatments Add Value to Your Home?

Of course, they do. Whether you are revamping your home for the summer or redecorating your property to sell it; any window solution will enhance your home and in turn, increase the value of your residence.
Once you have decided to refurbish your home with stylish window shadings, the next step is considering certain factors during the purchasing process. What are these factors you ask? They are as follows:
• The shape of your windows
• Size of your current windows
• The design style you want
• Percentage of sunlight you want
• How you usually use your room

There is also another factor to take into consideration while figuring out your window management options. Has the thought – “which style of window covering suits my home better” ever crossed your mind? Or do you have an idea as to which particular style appeals to your décor? If not, then it’s time to take a closer look at the various types of window treatments out there in the marketplace.

Different types of hard and soft window treatments exist to date. Hard window treatments include:
• Most horizontal blinds
• Woven Wood Shades
• Shutters

Soft window treatments are as follows:
• Fabric Shades
• Drapery

When you combine both hard and soft window treatments, people often refer to it as a “layered” window treatment (not to be confused with layered shades, or zebra sheer shades). Moreover, each living space may not have the same type of window blinds. For example, your living room may need a bit more sunlight as compared to, let’s say your bedroom.

Do not be afraid to add some color and pizzazz to your décor. There are so many window management options for you. Go ahead and take your pick. All in all, make sure that whichever window treatment you go with, the motif connects with every else!

Roman Shades

Which Window Treatment Matches Which Type of Home?

Eventually, it all boils down to your living spaces. Is it your condo or small-rise apartment? Or are you living in a rental apartment? Depending upon which kind of home you are staying at, determines the type of treatment for your windows.

So, for example, if you do take up space in a rental, then it doesn’t make any sense to buy an expensive range of window blinds. Instead, one should always opt for a more budget-friendly option that is functional as well. However, if you own your own home and are looking for a chic and sophisticated choice, then look no further than wooden blinds.

How Much are Window Shades for a House?

Good question. HomeAdvisor has some favorable insights on this. According to them, it’s about roughly $463 for one window, considering the usual amount to be anywhere from $106 to about $828. However, purchasing online might result in significant cost savings.