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How to Design The Perfect Custom Interior Shutter

How to Design The Perfect Custom Interior Shutter

Designing Custom Interior Shutter for a Charming Appeal and Functionality

There are a few classic window treatment solutions that never go out of style and custom interior shutters are a true example of that. They have been around for centuries and have become the one of the most sought-after designs in both residential and commercial spaces. Investing in these dressings will add value to your space, and this aesthetic vibe is limited not only to the interior of your home as they look astounding from outside of your home as well. They can seamlessly fit into any design style like traditional, vintage, or contemporary. Available in different slat sizes and adjusting them will allow for light and heat control while maintaining the home’s privacy level. And you can keep them open to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. Interior shutters can enhance the beauty and feel of any home with their timeless structure and incredible functionality.

When it comes to getting interior shutters, most of us prefer custom-made as they can precisely fit into any size and shape of the window, giving it complete coverage while improving the practicality and feasibility of your space. All you have to do is choose the right design and customize them accordingly to get the desired style you are looking for. But sometimes finding the right aesthetics for these amazing window solutions can be challenging with so many innovative materials and interesting patterns. And at the same time, you need to concentrate on the functional capabilities as well, depending on the room requirements, to create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere.

Shutters for Curved Windows

5 Aspects to Look For When Designing Your Window Shutters

  • Material Selection

Your windows can be a focal point in your home and can offer the perfect accent you require for your decor type. Interior shutters can be constructed with wooden, composite wood, or vinyl material and you can choose any of them to complement windows in a dramatic way. Wood shutters are perfect for creating a nature-friendly vibe throughout the decor and they add a dimension to each corner of your room. Vinyl shutters are sturdy and more durable than wooden shutters and can withstand excess moisture and humidity without any damage, making them an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Living Room Wooden Shutters

  • Choose the Design Texture

Look for an interesting pattern/texture or add a pop of color to these structural frameworks and the result will be eye-catching and mesmerizing. Customize them in such a way that they should complement the surrounding decorative elements while creating a sober look and adding a depth of interest. There are different types of interior shutter styles available including cafe, hinged, double-hung shutters, and many more, you can select the design based on the interior type and your preference.

Arch Wooden Shutters

  • Right Louver Size for Proper Mechanism

Choosing the louver size is an important factor to consider as there are varying sizes including 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″, and 4 1/2″. Most of the homeowners choose larger louvers to give their decor a more open airy feel, offering a great outdoor view and allowing more light into space. But if you want light control while getting a bit more privacy, then small louvers are preferred. Keeping the louvers in a lower or closed position will reduce the sunlight, creating a cozier and more relaxed environment. However, while designing the shutters, you can choose the louver or vane size accordingly.

  • Mounting Option

Shutters can be mounted inside or outside of the window opening. Inside mounting offers clear aesthetics and outside mounting is ideal for overlap. Whatever mounting process you opt for, measure your windows accurately to get the perfect sized shutter.

  • Tilt Options

Interior shutters come with a traditional tilt bar or modern hidden tilt to have a clearer outside view. Both the options will function in the same way. Split tilt is also available that allows your to leave the bottom section of your shutter in a closed position and while opening the top section to let light into the room. Now motorization is also available for the ultimate luxury that gives you remote access.

When it comes to designing custom interior shutters, you will be able to select specific frame styles, louver sizes, design texture or color, and center or hidden tilt rods, so you get the personalized look you want. Consult with the professionals who will assist you in designing shutters and elevate the beauty of your interior in a stunning way!