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How to Design a Home Office

A woman in her home office.

Your home office is a place where you want to make it as comfortable as possible without making it feel like your bedroom. You want a degree of separation between those two rooms, as the bedroom is for resting and the office is for productivity. Your home office does not have to be exactly like regular workspaces, with uniform desks and cubicles, you can personalize it as it is your personal work area.

Working from home has allowed many of us to spend more time there and allows us to find ways to add many personal touches to the place where we work. Maybe you want a couch next to your desk chair to take a short siesta after lunch. Maybe you want your office decorated with your diplomas, certificates and credentials. However you want to decorate your home office space, the choice is yours due to it being in your house and all control is yours.

Prioritize Productivity

While having all your personal knick-knacks and trinkets decorating your home office space may be nice, if they prove to be a distraction and eat away from your productivity, then it may be better to do without them. After all, they are mostly just for display and more often than not, you will be working alone with visitors few and far in between.  So when getting design tips for your home office, focus on the basics like your desk, computer systems and the computer chair.

Past the basics, you can add things like a filing cabinet, a mini fridge for drinks and snacks, and a personal coffee maker.  All these items can contribute to your productivity and comfort, which can help you work more efficiently. Another thing to consider is the lighting in your office, which can affect how well you work and apart from the electric lights in your office, the best way to control the light you receive is with modern blinds and shades.

Control Natural Light

Working in natural light during the day is a great way to help improve your mood and change the way you work. With window treatments, you can control the way sunlight enters your office. The light control can come in different levels, from full blackout fabrics that block out all light to light filtering and room darkening fabrics that allow light to pass through. Shades offer this ability to you as well as help to improve your office’s interior design.

Close up of grey zebra shades.

Shades like zebra shades and cellular shades not only help your office achieve a great look, but they provide practicality that helps your productivity. You need to work in optimal lighting, and if your work is sensitive, then the privacy they provide becomes of utmost importance. The fabrics not only block light to certain degrees but also prevent any prying eyes from being able to see through them when the shades are shut. This way, you won’t have to worry about any passers-by sneaking a look at your work.

A Permanent Addition

Sometimes, modern windows in modern homes need an old-fashioned touch on them. Shutters add a permanent structure to these windows and add a classic look to your office. They are directly attached to the frame of the office window and the louvres are very easy to operate. Furthermore, they help add prestige to your office and your home overall so should you ever decide to sell your house, prospective buyers seeing the shutters will know that the home is well taken care of.

Glare on your computer screen should not become an issue as well. Although the louvres cannot be moved up and down like with blinds, you can tilt them shut or semi-shut if need be to ensure that direct light shining on your screen does not become an issue. 

Work in Comfort

Your home office is the place where you will spend a lot of time. Just like your living room or bedroom, you might as well personalize it just enough that it feels like a place where you can stay at and be comfortable. Getting work done entails being in a space that allows you to concentrate on it, so while comfort is important, you also need to make sure that the items in your office aren’t distracting. Modern window coverings help you keep the office comfortable and can help with the removal of certain distractions, namely unwanted glare and having to worry about outsiders peering in.