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How to Decorate Difficult to Access Windows

How to Decorate Difficult to Access Windows

A lot of homes have some windows which are difficult to access. But here are some effective ways which you can easily decorate those inaccessible windows. Whether you have skylights or windows in vaulted ceilings, now you can decorate them beautifully with these innovative ideas.

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are effective and highly useful for every kind of window. Even if you have difficult to reach windows, motorized window treatments are one of the best options to cover them. With the help of motorized window treatments, you can easily access your difficult to reach windows just by pressing a button on your remote or by an app on your smartphone. This type of window treatment makes your home fully functional and automated, and your life easier. You not need to open them manually, you can operate them from anywhere in your home.

Although these are somewhat expensive, they are available in a huge variety ranging from shutters, blinds and shades from which you can choose according to your preferences. You can get motorized window treatments in blackout, roman, honeycomb and solar options.

You can also program these shades to open and close at a scheduled time, according to your choice. Apart from being operated by a remote and an app on your smartphone, you can also operate them with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home. Since motorized window treatments are cordless then they are the safest choice.

You can choose the power source of motorized window treatments at your convenience. You can either install electrical wiring or with the help of rechargeable batteries. You can also choose the window covering that operates with the help of a solar panel. One can also get their motorized window treatment customized as per their choice.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are also known as cellular shades. These shades are made of numerous small cells that trap the air between them which acts as a barrier between the window and surroundings. These shades are specially designed to filter the light and regulate the temperature of your room. If your room has high ceilings with tall and difficult to reach windows, then cellular shades are a great solution. With honeycomb or cellular shades, you can easily dress the windows.

These shades are highly flexible and lightweight which, makes them a great choice for covering high, difficult to reach windows.

Cellular shades act as great insulators and regulate your room’s temperature, thereby, reducing the cost of your electricity bills. Apart from providing better insulation, these shades also ensure your privacy. As honeycomb shades are made up of several cellular structures, these shades are also effective in blocking the outside noise to some extent.

Louvred Blinds or Shutters

Blinds or shutters having louvers are the best and convenient option to dress a hard to reach the window. While installing, firstly lower the blinds or shutters and then position the louvers correctly. After installation, you can easily operate these window treatments with the help of a cord pulley system.

Also, you can keep the louvers open based on the amount of light and air you need. These shades or blinds can be tilted at an angle of 45°so that you can direct the light to your floor or ceiling. There is no need to worry about the faded glare and furnishings. These also ensure your privacy and restrict outside people from looking in. For giving an innovative look you can also pair them with other decorative window treatments like a valance.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are the most popular and versatile window treatments. You can find them in a huge range from cascade to relaxed and motorized. For easy operation, a cord can be attached to these shades after getting mounted on difficult to reach windows. These shades are useful for both your workplace as well as home.

These shades are made up of a single fabric piece that gets stacked to form clean and smooth pleats when opened. Roman shades are perfect when it comes to blocking sunlight. For making your room pitch black, you can hang a blackout fabric along with the shades. Roman shades are great for Insulation. Whether it is hot sizzling summer or chilling winters, these shades are perfect for temperature regulation. Thus saving the extra expense on buying temperature regulating units.


Though decorating your hard to reach windows is quite a difficult task, you can choose from various window treatments available depending upon your preferences, need and budget.

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