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How To Decorate a Modern Living Room

A modern living room decor setting.

After a long day at work, you usually enter your home and go to the living room to kick back and relax. Also, the living room is often the first thing any visitors notice when they visit and  it’s an excellent opportunity to make them feel welcome and at home. For these and other reasons, living room decor should be unique and should be approached with your sense of style and expressionism.

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so it should look good, be functional and comfortable. As a result, the overall decor should cater to your interior design tastes and personal comforts . Here are some ideas on how to decorate a modern living room that you can expertly incorporate into yours to give it a contemporary look.

Decide on a Color Scheme

Do you like bold colors like grey and brown? Or perhaps you prefer pops of color, with your reds, yellows and blues? Or do you like things simple, with many shades of black and white. Whatever your preference is, you should decide on it and build your living room decor around it.

Color theory allows for many different ways for putting colors together from the color wheel. For instance, you can go for opposite colors on the wheel, like blues and orange. You can have a blue couch and have it complimented by orange pillows and blankets. Or you can build around a hue, like if you have a black centerpiece coffee table, you can opt to surround it with grey chairs and white accessories. These are just a pair of examples, there are so many different combinations that you can play with as you design your decor.

Don’t forget the walls are also a key decor feature of the living room. You can easily repaint white walls to fit into the colors you like, or you can add decorative pieces on it such as wall art and photo frames. Or you can easily add further storage on the wall by adding floating shelves on it. With the shelves, you can even add further decor accessories such as plants, adding further color to the living room.

Don’t Overdo Accessories

Whether your living room has a large or a small space, you don’t want to be over-accessorizing. Space is precious and too many things will make the room feel cluttered, and this can lead to becoming uncomfortable in the living room where you want to relax. If you have young children, then you know how they can be very messy. So to help them keep the living room neat and tidy by finding storage containers that can easily be tucked away or better yet, find furniture that can double as a storage unit as well, such as a bench that opens to reveal a container. With that in mind, you can also keep unused accessories hidden as well with all the storage you have for the living room.

Have Storage and Build Vertically

You can keep things like a bookshelf, a TV unit and light fixtures all vertically integrated and attached on the walls. This decor feature will leave you plenty of space on the floor for seating, coffee and side tables, and an area rug. In modern decor theory, space is king, so finding ways to free up as much of it as you can will help your living room feel roomy and comfortable, as well as giving you more room to host guests.

Incorporate Artwork and Personal Photos

Apart from the colors of the walls and furniture, you can further add to the color palette with wall art and photography. Wall art in itself can be a great investment, but your living room can greatly benefit from the added colors. They can be an added decor piece or serve as the focal point of the decor, with everything else working to amplify its appearance.

If you are more of the type that prefers to have photos of your family and pets on the walls, by all means let the living room walls serve as a canvas. It is a place where you and your loved ones spend time together to watch shows, movies, and sporting events together and can be a place of many memories. So by adding a lot of personal photos of everyone, you then turn the living room into a monument of your family.

Matching Window Treatments 

One of the more forgotten about places where home decor can really shine are windows. When you think of window coverings, often what comes to mind are plain boring blinds or curtains. These are common because they are simple in design and relatively cheap, allowing people to place them over windows without having to give too much thought to them. However, in a modern living room setting, the window represents a wonderful opportunity for you to add even further to your decor.

There are many different ways you can go about decorating with modern shades and blinds. You can go with regular manual control blinds or shades, or something more futuristic like motorized window treatments. Whatever living room design style you want to pursue, you have several options, and we want to explore them further with you.

Motorized Blinds

Remember those boring blinds we mentioned earlier? Well there is a way to make them less so, and you can do that if you get them as remote controlled blinds. These are operated with a remote control or with an app on your phone. They are raised and lowered with a power source like a battery pack or a DC transformer plug-in. Motorized blinds are ideal for hard-to-reach windows, removing the need of having to use a stool to stand on or use a pole to reach it.

With blinds, they provide your living room with clean lines, matching the hard edges of any square or rectangular tables or couches. They can also come in many different types of materials, from aluminum, faux wood and wood. Motorized blinds also add a great convenience factor on top of the looks they provide, as you can simply control them from the comfort of your own seat.

A lady controlling blinds from her tablet.

Smart Shades

If you want to take the convenience factor to another level, then consider getting smart shades. More than just controllable with a remote control, smart shades can be programmed to operate on their own, whether on a time basis, a light level basis, or a temperature setting basis. You can also integrate smart shades with a home smart system that you may have in place, or looking to start. Along with other appliances like vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, toasters, lights, etc. you can have so many things in your home programmed to function on its own without you having to manually operate.

The smart system can be controlled with your smartphone or a voice command system like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This further increases the convenience factor that you can have your home around, leaving you more time to further decorate your home.

Smart shades also come in many different types. If you are looking for something that can help save on energy usage, then cellular shades are for you. If you like the traditional look of blinds, then zebra shades can provide you with that style. If you need something that allows you to see outside but provide privacy, then solar shades can do so for you. There are many types of smart shades and they can all help with your home and living room decor.