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How To Decorate a Modern Apartment

A man decorating his apartment.

What makes a modern apartment, well, modern? Is it the architectural features it has? Is it the use of modern day appliances and technology? Or is it the amenities. Regardless of what comes with your apartment, you should be able to decorate it in a way that creates a modern appeal and a feel for the future.

A lot of newly built apartments tend to be snug and can make the interior space feel very small. You can easily compensate for small spaces and maximize your living space by getting tucked away storage such as floating shelves and coffee tables that double as storage space. These design ideas can help the room feel decluttered, which is one of the most popular modern decorating ideas.

Another common decor feature of modern apartments are having large windows, as modern architecture designs call for a lot of natural light entering the space. This is great in terms of saving on light usage, and also gives you a canvas in which you can flex your interior design skills, as you can choose between many different window dressings with hundreds of styles and color schemes.

With a modern apartment, you will most likely want to bring in something modern or futuristic in terms of blinds or shades. Something that is automated, or can function with minimal extraneous effort usually comes to mind when you think “modern” and this is why we would love to suggest getting motorized window treatments. 

Remote Window Blinds

Motorized blinds and shades come in many different styles, patterns and colors. Their opening and closing are usually performed via a remote control and they come with a motor hooked up to a power source (usually batteries or DC transformers). With many different colors available, you can easily blend them in with other colorful decor features you have, such as wall art and throw pillows. That being said, here are a few of our favorite motorized blinds and shades that are great for your modern apartment.

Cellular Shades

Simply said, cellular shades are a one size fits all in terms of everything you can want in a modern window dressing. It brings a straight line look, which you can complement with curved couches and pillows, and they have the ability to really insulate your apartment. One of the many ways you can really set your apartment apart is through finding ways to save money incrementally, and with the insulation cellular shades provide, you can absolutely achieve that!

The straight lines and the insulation properties come from the honeycomb, hexagonal structures that each individual cell is made of. These cells are stacked on top of each other, creating a shade that allows for insulation at the window. Being made of glass, windows are very poor insulators, they allow unwanted hot or cold outdoor air to easily pass through. With many modern apartments containing a lot of glass windows, it is easy to see why you would want to opt for cellular shades. Its pockets trap air and create a barrier, helping to prevent that unwanted outdoor air from coming in and thus helping you to save on energy usage and utility bills.

Zebra Blinds

If you are the type of person who likes retro things with a modern touch, then allow us to introduce you to zebra blinds, or also known as zebra sheer shades. These are an alternating set of see-through sheer fabric vanes, and solid light-filtering vanes. The alternating pattern invokes the appearance of classical window blinds, but with the modern touch of fabric shades.

Zebra blinds in a living room.

Your modern living room needs a focal point for its design, then zebra blinds can absolutely serve as that. Its colors, its design, and its ability to stand out serves as the piece in which you base your room’s design around. Because modern apartments tend to be rather snug, it leaves you little space to really flash your decor sensibilities. By basing the decor around one main piece, in this case, the zebra blinds, then you have plenty to work with in terms of color and lines, even with the limited space.

Roman Shades

When you read or hear the word “Roman”, your mind conjures images of grandeur and majestic places. That is the aim of roman shades, as they fold in large pleats when they close, reminding you of bold castles and royal villas. If you want to bring this larger than life look to your apartment, then roman shades are absolutely the choice for you.

Curtains, while very effective in covering your windows, don’t bring the same value that roman shades do. Curtains usually can’t come with a motor, so if you have a hard to reach window, it would be more ideal to use roman shades. Likewise, curtains just don’t have the same staying factor as roman shades, and don’t add to the selling value of your apartment. With their very stylish appearance, roman shades will certainly catch the eye of any prospective buyers and help drive up the bidding price for you.

Living for the City

Large metropolitan cities invite many different types of people, with many different wants and needs. You and your apartment are one of many within thousands, if not millions of individuals living together in the cities. Modern apartments can all feel a bit cookie-cutter in terms of how they are built, and it can be difficult to distinguish them apart from the other. So a way for you to really make your mark on yours is to really design it according to your personality and preferences.

Size can also become an issue, as developers try to squeeze as many units as they can together in as little as space possible to maximize their earnings. So it comes down to you to design the snug units as best you can without over cluttering it. Modern remote window coverings can help with this issue, as they are easily installed within window frames, helping to keep them tucked away without intruding into your already limited living space.

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