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How to Decorate a Kitchen Island

Blinds in a kitchen.

Kitchen islands have become a popular feature in many homes. Some are portable, purchasable from stores like Home Depot and Ikea, and others are a permanent feature, installed into the floor itself. Among the reasons for a kitchen island’s popularity is its ability to become a focal point in that room and its ability to serve multiple purposes. With current home decor trends, there are many different ways to keep the island looking swanky. Let’s discuss them.

Heart of the Home

For those who love food (let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good meal), the kitchen is a place of utmost importance. The kitchen island gives you and your family an extra countertop for food preparation and it can even act as an extra space to eat. With bar seats, you can have a hearty meal right in the middle of the kitchen itself, meaning you don’t have to leave the space and have to worry about bringing food to other rooms.

Among items that you can keep around or on your kitchen island are cutting boards, knife sets, cake stands, fruit baskets, and cutlery. For island decor, you can include fresh flowers or faux flowers or a centrepiece. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to over clutter your island. The extra space it provides is a wonderful thing, but you do not want to waste it by having too many items on it. Finding a good balance is necessary, the above items are suggestions and you will have to pick and choose which decor items you will want to go with.

Other Complimentary Pieces

With the kitchen island in place, you may not need a dining table in the room if you are able to use bar seats to eat on the island. With the extra space provided with the table-free kitchen, you can use it for other decor items like plants, or you can use the space for storage or an extra appliance like a chest freezer. Or you can just leave the space open and enjoy a decluttered area.

Another way an island can complement your kitchen is by adding extra cabinet space. You can use it as an extra pantry or extra storage space for cooking items like your pots and pans. This way, you can store items away and keep the kitchen decluttered, which can be a hazard if you are cooking or eating.

Other Kitchen Decor Items

Don’t forget about how other aspects of your kitchen and how they can affect your cooking and eating experience. Along with the island, you should also consider kitchen blinds, which will help give your decor a boost and provide light blocking and privacy for you. They are specially designed to withstand the kitchen environment, with added moisture and heat. Faux wood blinds and vinyl roller shades are both waterproof and can withstand whatever the kitchen throws at them.

Brown faux wood blinds.

Other things you can consider are light fixtures. Pot lights are very common now as they make for a very neat appearance. But if you have an older sensibility with your decor style, you can opt for chandelier lights above the island. They will give you a feeling of grandeur and sophistication and will make eating and cooking feel like a special occasion.

Kitchen Islands and You

Kitchen islands are supposed to be surrounded by open space, or mostly open space. The point of this feature is to give your kitchen and home a feeling of openness, no matter how big or small it actually is. The extra space added will help the kitchen be easy to clean, as it is often a place that can become very messy. Sweeping or mopping around the island is easier than having to go around kitchen tables and chairs.

Whatever your decor style is, the island has many ways to complement it. If you are installing a permanent island, you can choose a countertop and cabinet style to match the rest of your kitchen. The individual decor pieces are even easier to choose from. So mix and match them and let the kitchen island take you and your family to a food paradise.

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