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How to Decorate a Front Porch for Summer

Shades in a front porch.

The front porch is often neglected. Unlike your backyard, it’s not often the place where you sit down and relax because it is usually not private and is exposed to your neighbours. We’re here to tell you that this does not have to be the case. The porch does not only have to be the place where the front door is, but it can be as useful a place as the back for relaxing, you just have to build it up properly.

Front Porch Decor

Commonly found furnishings and decor pieces on front porches include plants in vases, a bench or porch swing, and maybe a side table. You can also add comfort to the seating arrangements by including outdoor throw pillows. A permanent piece like a swing or bench can help increase the curb appeal of your home if they are well maintained. So will things like a privacy hedge, if you grow and keep it well kept.

Another thing that can add privacy and curb appeal is outdoor solar shades. Solar fabrics are specialized window treatment materials that allow you to have a view to the side where there is more light while maintaining privacy on the side where there is less. Furthermore, it can deflect sunlight back out and help block heat generated by it during the hot days of the year. These shades help create a living space on your porch, creating a wonderful place to hang out on a nice sunny day.

Exterior solar shades providing a view.

A Motorized Option

Sun shades also have an option to be a motorized exterior shade. You can operate these with a remote control, giving you more convenience in creating privacy and blocking the sunlight with its UV rays. As an outdoor shade, they will add even more curb appeal to your home than just standard solar roller shades. Homebuyers see the added technology and know that the house was well taken care of during your years as the homeowner.

The summer sun can become negligible if you put a cover over your porch along with the outdoor shades. You can then go out at any time, during the peak afternoon sun and even during rain. You can enjoy a cold beverage while reading a book or listening to the radio or a ballgame. This added space gives you other options apart from your living and bedrooms to spend time in. Besides, who doesn’t like being outdoors and taking in the fresh air? Building up the front porch allows you to do this.

Front Versus Back

You can ask, why not do all this in the backyard instead of the front? Well the truth is, you can do it in your backyard, but it does not mean you can neglect the front porch to be just a place to come and go. With summer porch decor, you can make the front of your house just as lovely a place as the back porch. If you live in a friendly neighborhood, you can then interact with the neighbors while relaxing in the front.

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