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How to Decorate a Bedroom with a Sliding Glass Door

How To Decorate A Bedroom With A Sliding Glass Door

The Beauty of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have an understated charm that works wonders for any room. Incorporating a sliding glass door into your design can completely change the look and feel of the room and over the years has become a much-sought-after trend in home decor. One of the biggest benefits of having a glass door is the ample light and air that it brings into the room. There is no dearth of natural light. They lend a gorgeous view of the outside of the house particularly if you have a view to cherish and enjoy. A beautiful flowering garden, an orchard with rows of fruit-bearing trees, a beach with waves crashing on the shores or simply the open blue sky offering a stunning view of the setting or rising sun, all of this you can feast on from the comfort of your bed. Doesn’t that sound absolutely wonderful?

Decorating Rooms with Gorgeous Views & Sliding Glass Doors

When you have such a gorgeous door in the room, how do you decorate your bedroom? Do you need anything more to accentuate the room’s beauty and if yes then what should you include?

Ceiling to Floor Sliding Glass Door

If you have a bedroom with high ceilings and your sliding glass door extends right from the ceiling to the floor and across an entire wall you have a gem. These huge glass doors are absolutely stunning and like you all of us would be in awe of such a room. You do not need to do much for the room except for keeping the decor minimalist. Keep furniture bare minimum like a bed with side tables, a lounge chair with a table and use neutral color shades like white and cream. Use some classy carpet to cover major part of the floor, a simple painting on the wall and small plants placed here and there. You have a gorgeous bedroom with little effort thanks to the absolute show-stealer, your floor to ceiling sliding door. If privacy is not a major concern you could leave the doors bare without any window treatment.
Ceiling to Floor Bedroom Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Glass Door with Manicured Lawns

If you have a bedroom opening on to a perfectly manicured lawn with tall trees and pretty flowering plants, you could use your sliding glass doors to bring the view into the room. Do not go overboard with your room decor and keep the decor contemporary with a bed with comfortable pillows, a simple seating arrangement with cushions and you can try using some earthly color combination the room. To cover the doors you can use heavy drapes. They are extremely elegant and look stunning.

Sliding Glass Door with Private Garden

If your bedroom opens to a beautiful private garden which will be used only by you, sliding glass doors is perfect for framing the gorgeous garden. With your glass doors weaving magic into your room, you really don’t need to do much to decorate it. Keep the decor simple, contemporary and minimalist. Try not to crowd the room with too many furniture or too many colors which will ruin the charm and elegance. Use of earthly and neutral colors is encouraged with a vibrant color thrown in here and there. Use a nice classy painting to adorn the wall, some soft romantic lights to add warmth and soft glow to the room. Instead of drapes, you could use Wood or Fabric Vertical Blinds or a Sheer Vertical Shade to enhance the beauty of the doors and make them functional.
If you have a bedroom with a wooden roof and a wooden frame for your sliding glass doors, simplicity is the key to decorating this room. You could use furniture with wood finish and use white walls and upholstery to complement the furniture. Decorate the walls with small paintings with wood frames. Loud colors are not recommended as they could upset the serenity and sophistication of the room.
Bedroom Sliding Glass Door with Private Garden

Sliding Glass Door, Terrace and Sea

You have sliding glass door stretching across an entire wall, opening on to a private terrace overlooking the sea with a view of the setting sun. Do you need anything to decorate your room? Stick to white spaces with white furniture including beds and cupboards with use of earthly shades like brown to break the monotony and some plants on the terrace to break into the white spaces and you have a setting we all would fall in love with desperately. Sheer Vertical Shades will do justice to the room and the setting.
Sliding Glass Door Terrace and Sea

Sliding Glass Door with Private Sitting Area and Bamboo Gate

A bedroom with a sliding glass door, opening into a private sitting area fenced off using a bamboo gate. The bamboo gate becomes part of your bedroom setting thanks to the glass door and it is a surprise your room did not expect. You can experiment using a combination of dark colors like dark brown and white to create the perfect setting of your room complimenting the bamboo fencing. A white bedcover with neutral colored walls, a dark wood cabinet and sofa thrown in together can be extremely classy. For your sliding doors, Wood Vertical Blinds would be perfect.

Sliding Glass Door with Glass Balcony & Sea

If you have a coastal house where the glass doors open on to an open space overlooking the azure-colored sea, your bedroom will be anyone’s envy. Keep the decor simple and minimal. Keep lot of floor space in the room. White looks ravishing punctuated with shades of azure and blue to break the monotony and to compliment the sea. Lighting is important. Avoid harsh lights. Warm and soft glow will have a calm and soothing effect and create the perfect ambiance for enjoying the gorgeous view outside. You could use Sheer Vertical Dual Blackout Shades for the doors. They look stunning and will also protect your homes from excess light.

The above are just a handful of ideas for doing up your bedrooms which have a sliding glass door. The latter are utterly gorgeous and as a homeowner, you need to do little to enhance the beauty of the rooms. The glass doors are the focal point of the room and everything you do must be able to compliment them rather than trying to steal the limelight from these beauties. Minimalist and contemporary room decor style with neutral color shades are perfect.