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How To Decide If Your Should Go With Drapes Instead of Blinds

How To Decide If You Should Go With Drapes Instead of Blinds

Dressing Up Your Windows

Most of us homeowners do not think much about how to dress our bare windows. When doing up a home most of the attention is diverted towards furniture, upholstery, house color, etc. There is little pre-planning or thought that goes into choosing coverings for your windows. With so much to do windows are often left until the last moment to be dressed. Most of the time we are rushing to get the work done and choose whatever catches the eye with little consideration for their functionality and what we want window treatments to do for our homes. But the fact is that we should give more time and thought to determine the window covering for our house for they have an enormous role to play apart from being a mere decorative item. They help preserve the privacy of your members, they help block out the glares of the sun and also help to keep your rooms cool and pleasant during summers and warm and cozy during the winters.

Drapes or Blinds? Which One is Better & Why?

Having said that, how do you choose which one is best for your homes? The eternal tussle is between blinds and curtains. Are blinds better than curtains? Are curtains more luxurious and classy than blinds? These questions continue to float but much depends upon your budget constraints, decor style, and of course your needs and preferences.

Curtains Offer More Design Possibilities

If you are looking for a range of designs, patterns, textures, colors, floral and geometric prints for your windows, curtains are the best possible choice for you. With curtains, you have before you a range of possibilities, combinations and designs that are unthinkable for blinds. The latter come with limited prints and colors which makes them suitable for certain specific decor styles. Blinds blend well in the industrial or Scandinavian style of home decor.

Curtains and drapes are by default well suited to a range of styles because of their range of options. So if you are looking for French Country, Hollywood glam, or mid-century style of window treatments you will surely find it in drapes. It is easier to have drapes fitting into your decor style and blending with ease because you can be assured of finding just the perfect one for your windows.
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If you have budget constraints and looking for the best possible solution to your window treatment woes, drapes and curtains will never let you down. Available in a range of fabrics, fabric blends, textures and designs, the price range is huge. From very modestly priced ones to extravagantly priced curtains you have range of options to choose to depend upon your budget. Soft fabrics are always cheaper than wood or plastic blinds. Moreover, the installation of these blinds also involves some amount of cost while for drapes it is near to none. This is not to say that curtains are cheaper than blinds but you have the option to settle for the lesser-priced drapes.
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Hassle-free Maintenance

If you are looking for a window treatment that is less demanding and maintenance is easy and hassle-free, we vote for curtains. Most of the fabrics can be easily washed and ironed at home while others may have to be sent for dry cleaning. Removing curtains from the windows is easy and uncomplicated. Blinds need to be handled with lot of care. Removing blinds from the windows is a complicated process compare to curtains. Using water is not preferred and even if water is used you have to take care not to wet your blinds too much as it can ruin them.

Sound Control

If you are looking for better sound control for your rooms, we would recommend curtains over blinds. Heavier fabric prevents and the better coverage offered by drapes prevent sound from passing through. They help to keep the sound of howling winds or storm out and create a pleasant ambiance within. Sound tends to flow through blinds with ease.

Light Control

We will not say that curtains do a better job than blinds in controlling light. There are several blackout and room darkening blinds and shades that help to block light out completely. However, the blinds tend to leave light gaps along the edges of the windows and beams of light flow through. In this sense, curtains do a better job as they offer better coverage than blinds. Often a combination of blinds and curtains are used to get a more foolproof light control in the room.
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How often have you installed blinds in the house and wondered if something was missing? The windows are dressed, you have your furnishings and decorative pieces and furniture in place still there seems to be something amiss in the room. You try to complete this look by adding a valance or a cornice board. The ‘thing’ that is missing in the room and which you are unable to identify is ‘drama’ in a controlled amount. Every room needs some drama to pull the room together. Rooms with curtain have no dearth of drama. Their luxurious appeal and layers of fabric look stunning and makes every room look gorgeous. So yes, if your rooms need a bit of drama, stick to curtains or use them in combination with blinds.

We hope that the above thread of discussion will help you in deciding whether your windows need curtains or you can stick to blinds. As we have asserted in many instances, a layered window treatment of blinds and curtains also work beautifully to complete the look for your windows and the rooms, if your budget permits. You get to enjoy the goodness of blinds and drapes together.