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How to Cut Roller Blinds That Are Too Long

How To Cut Roller Blinds That Are Too Long

When it comes to providing a truly gorgeous and functional coverage to the windows and doors in your house, there are fewer window treatment options that come close to roller blinds. These blinds are ideal for any house setting and can be installed in any section of the house. No matter what your vision for home décor may be, these roller blinds surely fit right into it.

What are Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are just like any other type of blinds with the same familiar design where you see slats stacked adjacent to one another in close proximity. These slats can be adjusted to provide you effective heat insulation or to give you more control over the light that enters through the window. These blinds are available in a variety of material choices including wood, natural fabrics, and synthetic materials with varying levels of opacity. While getting the roller blinds for windows in your house, you can choose the material for these blinds based on your requirements and preferences. These blinds have a roller mechanism that is used to lower or pull up the blinds.

Roller Shades

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The roller mechanism on these blinds makes operating them a smooth and seamless experience. While the standard variant comes with a pull cord mechanism by default, you can opt for alternative operating mechanisms such as cordless or motorized operating mechanisms. If you don’t like dealing with messy pull cords, the cordless roller blinds offer a neat and convenient solution. You can control the cordless roller blinds using a switch placed right next to the blinds.
Roller Window Blinds
Walking up to the window every time you want to lower or pull up the blinds can be inconvenient. With motorized roller blinds, you don’t have to worry about that at all. You can control and operate the motorized roller blinds remotely, using a remote or your smartphone. If your blinds are AI-enabled, you can even control them via voice command. These motorized roller blinds are not only convenient but are also the perfect home solution to make your home smarter and your life simpler.

These blinds also enhance the safety of your house as you can monitor them from anywhere using your smartphone. You can also program them to automate their operation. You can program them to mimic your daily routine to give a lived-in feel to the house even when you are not at home. This will discourage the burglars and ward them off.

The Issue of Roller Blinds that are too Long

Not all people do prior research and planning before purchasing window coverings for their house. If you don’t go over important information such as the dimension of the windows, there is a possibility that the roller blinds or any other window treatments that you buy, may not be the ideal fit for your windows. They may be too short or too long. The pre-fabricated window treatments offered by brands are designed keeping in mind the standard window sizes.

However, the size of the windows can vary from one house to the other. Hence, if you are going to get roller blinds or any other dressings for your windows, it is advisable to get them as per the dimensions of your windows. Roller blinds that are too long don’t make for a very pleasant or neat look and may ruin the aesthetics of the room and the window frame. The blinds that are too long also increase the safety risk, especially if you have kids or pets in the house.

Long roller blinds are easier to reach for the kids and pets alike. In their playful enthusiasm, the children or the pets may tug on them too strongly. This can damage the blinds or can cause the blinds to fall down and injuring the kids or the pets in the process. Roller blinds that are too long will also run the risk of catching fire easily in case of a fire hazard. For all such reasons and more, it is always better to make sure that the blinds are a proper fit for the window and are installed properly.

How to Cut Roller Blinds that are too Long

If you don’t measure your window before getting the roller blinds for dressing them up, you may end up with blinds that are larger than the window frame. The roller blinds can be too long or too wide for the window frame. While you don’t need to cut the roller blinds to shorten their length, you may have to cut the blinds to reduce their width. For a perfect fit, you may have to shorten the length as well as reduce the width of the roller blinds. You can do both yourself quite easily by following a few simple steps. Let us look at them in greater detail.

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damaged caused by following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional.

How to Shorten the Length?

• Step 1: Fully extend the roller blinds to see how far down they fall below the window frame.
• Step 2: Measure the length you want for your blinds and mark the spot using a pencil. Allow a buffer of about half an inch.
• Step 3. Locate the plugs in the bottom rail and unplug them.
• Step 4: After removing the bottom plugs, you will get access to the blind strings that are knotted at the bottom end.
• Step 5: Undo the knot and remove the blind strings wired through the individual slats through small holes present on them. Remove up until the last slat below the marked spot.
• Step 6: Now you can go ahead and remove the extra slats from the loops holding them up until the last slat before the marked spot.
• Step 7: Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut down the extra length of blind strings and the extra loops meant for holding the slats and tie a knot at their bottom ends of the loops. Allow a buffer of half an inch.
• Step 8: Pass the blind strings through the bottom rail and tie a knot at their bottom ends.
• Step 9: Put the bottom plugs back in their place.
• Step 10: Open and close the blinds to check if they function smoothly. If everything works perfectly, you are done.

How to Reduce the Width

• Step 1: Measure the desired width of the roller blind extending on both sides of the window frame in case of outside mounts and follow the width of the frame in case of the inside mount.
• Step 2: Draw a straight line on both sides using a pencil to mark the desired width of the blinds and to identify the extra width that needs to be cut down.
Step 3: Now unmount the roller blinds and lay them down flat on the ground keeping them fully extended.
• Step 4: Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut down the extra width of the blind slats. Follow the straight marked using the pencil while cutting the extra width off.
• Step 5:Now, using a sharp small gauge hacksaw, cut the extra width of the top tube and the bottom rail so that their width is the same as the rest portion of the blinds.
• Step 6: Replace the end caps on both the bottom rail and the top tube.
• Step 7: Re-mount the roller blinds back on the window frame.
• Step 8: Rollback and lower down the roller blinds a few times to check if the blinds are functioning properly and are aligned correctly. If everything is working fine, you are done reducing the width of the roller blinds.
Shorten Roller Shades That Are Too Wide
So, you can clearly see that adjusting the size of the roller blinds to fit the frame of your windows is not that difficult. You can easily do it by yourself using a few basic tools that are normally available in any household. Doing it yourself will not only save you money but will also help you save time that you would have wasted searching for a technician.

Roller Shades

Customize Rollers Shades to perfectly fit in your window’s frame. Simply input the measurements and the shades will be made to size!

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