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How To Cut Blinds At Home

How To Cut Blinds At Home

The Easy Guide to Cutting Blinds

When purchasing window blinds, nothing can beat the joy of having custom products that can perfectly fit your windows and doors, giving them complete coverage. The right-sized window coverings offer the ultimate comfort and beauty to our interior. Most of the blinds available in the market are easily available in standard window sizes. Even if you are looking for custom made window coverings, then all you have to do is measure windows accurately and provide the measurements to the manufacturer. However, despite all precautions, over-sized window treatments may get delivered to your place. This may happen due to incorrect measurements taken, manufacturing mistakes, or due to some other reasons. Having blinds that are smaller than windows can be a big issue for many homeowners, but if you receive oversized window blinds, you can easily fix them. Some stores may offer to cut down or trim these oversized blinds to the exact size or you can call a professional to get the job done, but the extra cost can be heavy on you – no matter what type of window blinds you have. Well, it is technically possible to cut certain types of blinds at home, and this does not require any expert skills. Having some patience, few tools, and proper planning will modify your wide blinds into a new whole treatment which will give windows a precise fit. Check out the simple ways of cutting blinds at home and upgrade the look of the windows in the best possible way!

Cutting the Window Blind Headrail

  • Determine the width of the window (inside the window frame) to get the accurate dimension of the blind. You have to measure the window in three places – top, middle, and bottom. Take the smallest measurement for cutting.
  • Subtract an additional ¼ – ½ inch from each side for safety, to ensure a smooth raise/lower mechanism without any barrier or complication.
  • Now, take the current measurement and create a mark on the headrail to get the desired blind length.
  • Remove the end stiffener from the headrail. With a hacksaw or tin snips, carefully cut the headrail along the mark you made. And put the stiffener back onto the new headrail.

Cutting the Blind Slats

  • If the slats of your blinds are too wide and not fitting within the window frame, then first assemble all the blind slats and bottom rail evenly. Take a rubber band or a clamp to tighten up the slats and keep them in position.
  • Wrap the end of the slats using masking tape, this will prevent chipping.
  • Now take the newly cut headrail and place it over the slats to get the new cutting point. Be cautious while measuring and marking, and then keep the headrail aside.
  • Take a circular saw or table saw to cut the blind slats and bottom rail.
  • Once you are done with the cutting procedure, make sure the headrail, bottom rail, and slats are even and cut at the same length. Remove the tape, rubber band, and clean the ends using sandpaper.


Have window blinds that don’t fit? If you really want to cut your window blinds, go through the above instruction guideline and follow them step by step. But it’s always recommended to consult with the experts once to avoid further mistakes. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage or loss occurred through following DIY methods.