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How To Cover Windows Without Curtains

Installing window blinds.

Are you tired of those boring window curtains that you have on? Do they feel old-fashioned, clunky, or tacky to you? Luckily for you, curtains are not the only type of window treatment out there. So get your bedrooms and living rooms that new look you are looking for, and replace those curtains with the latest window coverings that we have today.

Wide Variety

There are so many different types of modern blinds and shades today. With all the choices you have, you must wonder which will work best for your decorating needs. One thing that we often like to suggest for people looking for a new design look is decorating from outside to in, that is, start with the window dressings and build your furniture and other home decor items around it. If you want something that is more solid and with straight lines, then we would recommend window blinds or shutters. If you need something that is still flowy but not curtains or drapes, we would recommend something like roman shades.

Close up of zebra shades.

The wide variety of dressings available to you allows you to plan and experiment with many different types of home decor. If you prefer minimalist styles like the Scandinavian or the mid-century modern decor style, you can go with things like wood blinds or roller shades. If you like a more extravagant style that pops more, then there are the zebra blinds or again, the roman shades. Regardless of your tastes, there is something for you.

Light Control and Privacy

One of the most important things provided by curtains is their ability to control the amount of light coming into your house from the outside. This is especially true if your windows are east or west facing, as the direct morning or evening sun can become overwhelming. Blinds and shades can provide you with as much room darkening as curtains, so you need not worry about natural light becoming too much to handle during certain times of the day.

Another concern of many that curtains ease is privacy, as you don’t want people to be able to peer in and look inside your home from the outside. One drawback is that while you have the curtains closed, you also affect the light coming in. That won’t be an issue with top down bottom up shades. These can be open from the top down, leaving the bottom portion of your window fully closed off. You can open a small part at the top to let light in, but with the majority of the window covered off, people from the outside won’t be able to see in (unless they are super tall).

Safety in Cordlessness

Curtains and drapes also present another issue for you if you have young children or pets. So an alternative we suggest is to go with cordless child-safe blinds. These do without cords or chains to operate it, preventing the temptation that so often entrances toddlers and animals. Low hanging curtains and drapes also have this issue because if they are floor level, your young child can easily grab hold of it and pull down on the fabric, or worse, they can try climbing it.

Cordless blinds or shades are mounted at the top of the window and won’t extend past the window sill. So because it is a perfect fit on the window frame, you shouldn’t have to worry about your toddler grabbing hold of it and yanking it down (unless it is a really low-hanging window). 

Well-fitted shades just in front of the window also help keep your place looking cleaner and decluttered. Large drapes hanging too loosely can become an eyesore and create an issue with clutter. With cordless shades, the space near the windows becomes open again, allowing you to use it for furniture, storage, or just leaving it open for a clean look.

Curtains or Blinds?

As demonstrated in this blog, you have a wealth of options in how you can decorate your windows. You can do without curtains, but you also have the ability to combine blinds or shades with curtains. You can mount the shades to the inside of the window frame and use curtains on the outside. This gives you better light control, as the extra light filtering from the curtains can help completely block off incoming light from the edges of the window. This is known as the halo effect, as the light peeks through the corners and edges.

All of the above are simply suggestions as to how to dress your windows. If you feel curtains are old and out of date, then you can certainly do without them. If you feel they have a place within your decor scheme, then by all means include them.