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How To Cover Windows Without Curtains

A man setting up top down bottum up sades.

Window coverings come in many shapes and sizes. There is no one type, design or style that will fit every window. The variety allows you as a homeowner to let your imagination and creativity shine as you put the coverings together with your other home decor pieces and create a decoration theme. With that said, you may think that curtains may be old fashioned or boring, but they are far from the only option you have to decorate your windows. So without further ado, let’s explore what you can do.

A Solid and Sturdy Look

Curtains or drapes provide a soft and flowy look, regardless of the type of fabric used for it. If you want something that is more solid and provides hard, clean lines, then we would like to suggest shutters for your windows. Unlike curtains which you can remove and change, shutters represent a permanent addition to the window and the window frame. Shutters are made from solid materials like wood or faux wood and are installed within the frame itself, making them a permanent addition.

This does not mean that you will devoid your home of natural light by installing shutters. Shutters are made up of louvres that can tilt up and down, just like regular blinds. Unlike blinds, the louvres cannot go up and down. However, the advantage gained in having a permanent feature often removes the worry of loose cords, which is especially important if you have young children or pets. This is a top concern of many parents when in the market for a new window treatment as young children are known for their curiosity and loose cords present a very strong temptation.

Shutters in a bedroom.

Cordless Shades

If child safety is a major concern for you but shutters don’t vibe with your style, allow us to advocate for cordless shades. Shades provide a softer look than shutters and there are many different types. From roller shades, cellular shades and roman shades, there is a decorative path for you to take. With the cordless feature, the shades’ headrail is mounted to the top of the window, with a mechanism that allows you to open and close them via pulling down and pushing up from the bottom handle of the shades.

Shades are a sophisticated and modern  upgrade over curtains. In fact, modern blinds and shades provide everything you need in curtains, namely privacy and light control, but do so in a more efficient way. Curtains often require you to have to draw it to let lights in, often exposing your rooms to the outdoors. Window blinds and shades like zebra shades allow you to partially open them, leaving a layer over the window, obstructing views inside but allowing natural light in.

Curtains can also pose a hazard to young children as well, as they often hang all the way down to the floor, allowing your child to pull down and hang from it. Windows without using  curtains won’t need this issue, as blinds and shades are made to be only as tall as the window. If you opt for cordless blinds or shades, you will gain further peace of mind knowing that your child won’t have anything to reach for, potentially entangling themselves or worse, pulling the whole thing down.

Decorative Flair

Why do window shades provide better design opportunities over curtains? Well with curtains, you can be limited to whatever patterns and fabric colors are available, while with shades, as noted above, there are a variety of types and styles available. Within a type of shade, there are further features that can allow you to differentiate between different rooms.

As an example, let’s say you have blackout cellular shades in your bedrooms, this will allow you to make sure you have ample darkness for everyone when it’s time to sleep. Furthermore, let’s say you decide that in your living room you want privacy, but you also want the natural light to come in during the day. For that, you can get top down bottom up cellular shades, which lets you open them from the top, allowing light to come in but keeping most of the window covered. This is just a single example of how you can create a distinct feature for each room in your house, there are many ways you can create a different look just within a single shade category and they can include valances, fabric colors, and lift types.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Curtains can represent a cheaper way to cover your windows, while shades and shutters can be a rather large investment. But the operative word here is just that, curtains are very easily replaceable and don’t really add any further value to your house. With blinds, shades and shutters, they are attached or built right into the structure of the window frame. Not so easily replaceable. No need to worry, these dressings are known to help build up the value of your house as they can represent prestige and added value to your home.

With all that in mind, it really makes much more sense to go with the newer style window coverings over the older, more weathered appeal of curtains. While curtains are adequate in providing light control and privacy, they really don’t have the same versatility as modern curtains in terms of decorative style. So with that, we hope to have given you some ideas on how to cover windows without curtains.