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Thermal window coverings.

In our modern lives, we have grown accustomed to having a set room temperature that we stay comfortable in. Usually, it is within the 20 to 22 degree range (although it may vary from household to household). The temperature outside is always subject to many different things, from the season, the weather patterns, and where you live on the globe. If you live further north or south, then you know that the temperature outside can drop dramatically and you will want to make sure you keep the cold out.

Windows are often the culprit of allowing the cold air from outside in your house. Glass is a very poor insulator, and often the air from outside passes through it, affecting the temperature inside. So how do you prevent this issue? Well we are here to discuss this with you.

Weather Strip Your Windows

You can add some insulation over the caulking of the window using weather strips. These are pieces of foam or vinyl strips that you can use to help prevent the air from coming in. It helps insulate your window from its frame, but not the glass. Nevertheless the added extra insulation will help fight against that cold outdoor air.

Insulating Window Coverings

Window coverings will not be as insulating as having a solid wall, but  that  would defeat the purpose of having the window. So to compensate for the incoming cold, we suggest using window treatments to help keep warm air in, and cold air out. The best kind of window covering that can provide this are cellular shades.

Image of cellular shades from its side.

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are made of hexagonal pockets stacked on each other. The pockets trap air inside them, creating a layer of insulation that will help keep the cold air blocked at the window. If your goal is to simply  keep the cold air out, then cellular shades are the best option for you.

However, if you want shades that allow you to have a view and help insulate at the same time, then motorized double roller shades may be the better option. As a dual shade, you get two types of fabrics, one that can be a blackout fabric and one that is a solar fabric. The blackout fabric will provide you full privacy and the solar fabric will allow you to see through to the side where there is more light. When on a window or door, you get the ability to switch back and forth as per your needs, going from the insulating blackout fabric when needed or the view-preserving solar fabric when it’s not as cold.

Sometimes, all you need on a cold day is to snuggle up and wrap yourself under a warm quilt. The thick fabric will keep the cold air out and the warm air in. The same idea can be applied to a thermal curtain. With the thick fabric placed in front of your window, it should help keep the cold outdoor air out and keep the warm, heated, indoor air inside. 

Staying Cozy Inside

These window coverings and heat keeping methods will help keep your home’s interiors warm and will help you use the heating system less. This added energy efficiency will save you some money and will help lower your carbon footprint. These added benefits will help to offset any money you spend upfront in getting new coverings and they will end up paying for themselves in the long run. Investing in keeping yourself warm during the colder months of the year will help add value to your house as well. 

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