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How to Cover Vertical Blinds in An Apartment

How To Cover Vertical Blinds In An Apartment

Whenever you are moving into a new apartment, there are certain things that can spoil your room décor if you do not pay attention to the kind of vertical blinds that you want to opt for. Vertical blinds are in demand for apartments because of their convenience and practical benefits. But you should be careful that they do not fail to match and blend according to the aesthetics of your house. Never go for any cheap set of vertical blinds that may increase your discomfort rather than adding value to your interiors. In fact, you have plenty of options to make the right choice of vertical blinds.

You can opt for richly colored curtains and drapes to redeem the look of your vertical blinds and enhance their appeal. It’s true that you may not want to make too much investment in buying vertical blinds. However, you can ensure the right functionality and durable features of vertical blinds by covering them with the curtains and drapes of your choice. You can always rest assured about the looks of blinds that are behind the curtains of your windows.

How to Cover Vertical Blinds In An Apartment

Whatever the trend in the market, designed curtains and drapes are timeless beauties. They provide class, a luxurious look and a touch of elegance to any living area irrespective of the interiors of your room. No doubt, curtains are often the best option to hide your vertical blinds beautifully. You can make the most of vertical blinds as well as of curtains.

Ways to Hang Curtains Beautifully to Hide Vertical Blinds

• The first thing that should be kept in mind when covering vertical blinds is that the external plastic covering which covers the hardware should be hooked onto that hardware for your blinds so that the curtain rod works smoothly.
• Afterwards, hang the curtains by using brackets and screwdriver to give the minimal look to your room. Generally, one should buy the extendable brackets which fully cover the hardware of the blinds.
• At the same time, make sure that the curtain hardware should be at least two feet above the blind’s hardware so that curtains hanging should be organized well.
• Finally, the position of the brackets should be set to smoothly put your curtain on it and provide a simple look to your windows.
Vertical Blinds With Curtains

Curtain Hanging By Using a Wood Dowel

We can creatively hang a curtain panel by the smart use of a wood dowel. As we know, the curtain helps to supplement the effective working of blinds when the blinds are not in use. And without taking any tools or hardware, you can hang the curtains according to interiors in your house successfully. By smart use of dowel which is placed inside the plastic support of the valance of the existing blinds, make your curtain panel to hide the slats of the blinds completely. It is recommended that you use preferably thicker panels to hide the panels more effectively.

How Curtain Panels and Valances Collectively Add Beauty To Your Room Décor

A combination of curtain panel and valance softens the impact of vertical blinds and adds the feeling of warmth inside your room. You can beautify your windows blinds hardware by hanging curtains over blinds. Later, all you need to do is attach your curtain panel and a valance into the rod. Collectively, they provide a glamorized look and add elegance to the interiors of your living area.

Generally, you can hang the curtains with the help of a tension rod. The window has a decorative box called cornice which is used to hide the blinds. The space between the blinds and cornice is used to hang a tension rod from either side of the cornice. From this, you can suspend your curtains.

Sometimes, you can even use brackets and curtains rods to cover vertical blinds in your living area. By installing brackets you can insert the panel into the rod on either side of the cornice to help you hang the curtain on position.

Apart from these options, if you are still concerned about the aesthetic appeal of your house, you can opt for Velcro as well to attach your curtain to the cornice board without drilling or using a curtain rod to hide your blinds.
Vertical Blinds with Valances


So, we have discussed different ways to cover vertical blinds in an apartment. By simple customization of curtains over the blinds, you can not only impart a fine look to your windows but add a touch of elegance to the room and keep the vertical blinds out of view. No doubt vertical blinds are economical and comparatively low cost. That is the main reason for their popularity in an apartment.