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How to Cover a Skylight Indoors

How to Cover a Skylight Indoors

What are Skylight Windows?

Skylight windows are among the most versatile windows you will come across for your homes, particularly if natural light is restricted in your house from the standard windows which every house has. Skylight windows or roof windows are mounted on the roof. While roof windows are outward opening windows that allow fresh air and light to stream into the living space, skylight windows are fixed and stationary which means that they cannot be opened or closed. Roof windows tend to be larger and wider while skylight windows are smaller. Skylight or roof windows, both do a stunning job of bring abundance of natural light into your room as there is nothing on the roof to obstruct the flow of light from the ceiling.

Crown Skylight Shades

Skylights Best for Natural Light

Skylight windows make a valuable addition to your house if you have second story houses that are tucked away beneath sloped rooflines or where homes are very closely built between adjoining neighboring houses. They can convert a murky gloomy cave into a cheerful and well lit living space in an instant. In some houses skylights become an indispensible addition as we cannot imagine a dark depressing ambiance. Sunshine is the source of life and energy and it is much coveted. Natural light in the house during morning hours also reduces dependence on artificial lighting which in turn reduces energy costs significantly. Aesthetically too these windows look gorgeous. Once the sun sets in, imagine lying down gazing into the star studded blue sky or watching the rainfall.

Challenged Posed by Skylights

While skylights windows help to add functional and aesthetic value to your space, they also pose some challenges. These windows no doubt allow lots of natural light to enter your space but after a point of time it can become excessive. The sun at its peak has glaring rays that can hurt the eyes making it difficult to work, rest, sleep or even watch a television because of the reflection caused. Unobstructed sunlight also heats up the space which can cause temperature inside the house to go up during the hot summer months. The artificial cooling system is placed under a lot of pressure resulting in increased energy costs. It is therefore extremely important to get your skylights covered effectively and efficiently.

Ways to Cover your Skylights

There are a number of window treatment solutions that are perfect for your skylights. Let us take a quick look at them.

Skylight Cellular Blackout Shades

Windows are poor insulators of heat and this can pose a problem both during summer and winter. During winter it causes heat loss and during heat gain resulting in increasing energy costs. During winter when it is freezing outside it is your endeavour to keep the interior warm and pleasant. Your heaters are working continuously but it is in vain if the warm air escapes through the skylight windows. The skylight cellular shades are perfect for you. The cell structure of these shades helps to trap air creating a buffer between the windows and the room. The blackout material of the cellular shades helps to provide blackout effect which is perfect for skylights inside bedrooms or media rooms. They help to block light out completely. The shades come with sky poles which help in easy operation of the shades. They are available in a wide range of colors to blend with your decor style.

Blackout Skylight Shades

Skylight Aluminum Blinds

Aluminium mini blinds are a durable, sturdy and versatile window treatment solution. They are moisture resistant and scratch resistant and can last for years with proper maintenance and they are easy to care for. The aluminium 1 inch blinds are a great choice for your skylight windows. They allow you to control the amount of light entering the space and also allows you to block out the sun while enjoying more privacy. They help to keep the UV rays out and make a stunning addition to your room with their beautiful range of colors. Sky poles allow you to operate the blinds even if they are position high up on the ceilings.

Solar Skylight Shades

Solar skylight shades are perfect for your skylight windows as they do not block light out completely but helps to diffuse the glares of the sun and cuts out the harmful UV rays. They help to soften the sun’s rays and fill your home with a warm glow of natural light. Keeping the shades closed will help you to maintain a favourable temperature inside without sacrificing view of the outside or natural light which is also much desirable.

Skylight Covers & UV Screens

Apart from blinds and shades you can also you skylight covers to dress your windows. You can enjoy the light sans the heat and the glares even during the hot summer months. They help to resist heat and are durable and long-lasting as well. As they are aluminium based they help to control the temperature inside the house. UV reflective screens are also a practical way to cover the skylights. They are tinted films that are applied on the windows. Sputtered film will allow you an unobstructed view of the outside while a hybrid reflective film will help to block out UV rays and heat completely.

Each of these solutions are practical and effective in controlling light and heat entering your space through the skylight windows.