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How To Cover A Front Door Window

A window on a door.

Does your front door have an accompanying window on it? Is it made out of a glass that doesn’t blur the image and exposes the inside? Are you worried about privacy, especially at the entrance of your house? Not to worry, there are ways that you can cover your front door window and not have to worry about it becoming cumbersome or even hazardous.

Even if your door has a non-see-through glass-like frosted glass, you may still want to cover it with some sort of window blind. The reason being is that you still might need to worry about sunlight and UV rays that can enter through them. So which door window coverings might be able to provide you with the required light filtering/control? Well, we are here to help you with that question.

Secure Window Treatments

One thing on your mind as you are looking for a cover for the window on your door is will it have loose wires and cables? These things can become hazardous especially when you are swinging the door to open and close. For that, we would recommend cordless blinds or tilt and turn window coverings.

Cordless blinds or shades are as their name suggests, without a cord to control their raising and lowering. They come in a variety of types and options like faux wood and roman shades to name a few. These window coverings dispense with a loop cord or roller chain to make it go up and down, instead, you grab it by its bottom portion and push up or pull down to operate it. With the lack of a loose cord, you don’t need to worry about it getting snagged as you open and close the door.

Another really secure type of window treatment is tilt and turn window coverings. As demonstrated here, it is securely mounted onto your window without using screws by using magnetic brackets. With this economic use of space, you don’t need to worry about the covering swaying as you open and close the door, preventing damage and any potential injury to you or your loved ones.

Top-down cellular shades.

Preserve Natural Lighting  

If you’re looking to add a bit of room darkening but want to leave yourself with a little natural light, we would like to recommend top-down-bottom-up shades. These shades are possible to open from the top down, leaving the bottom portion covered. The greatest advantage these types of shades offer is you can allow natural light to come in from the slim, open section at the top while blocking the majority of the shade. This feature allows you to preserve privacy as only an extremely tall person would be able to peer through the open section on the top.

Maintaining Privacy

The key goal of window treatments is maintaining privacy and light control. The door, being the entrance to your house, is absolutely a place where privacy is of utmost importance. The above window treatments can help you accomplish that, regardless of the type of door. If it’s like a french door that has glass on it, even if its a stained glass, you should still consider window treatments for your and your family’s protection.