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How To Connect Google Home To Your Smart Blinds

How To Connect Google Home To Your Smart Blinds

My Google Home Smart Blinds: A New Way of Future Luxury Living

Who would say ‘No’ to a smart home where every gadgets and device know what you want and then respond accordingly? Can you imagine a home where you can ask a machine to tell you the weather report or the latest news in the morning? Making life convenient is the main reason why smart homes have become more popular in recent years. In recent times, all the devices in our house have become automated, and all they need is a command to perform the required tasks. Starting from television to refrigerator, all are integrated with modern technology and can be accessed using smart controllers or voice commands. You can use a smartphone or tablet to set the lighting, check on your kids or pets, or enhance the security level of your home decor. In all these, window blinds are not an exception, now they too play a major role in making the indoor atmosphere relaxed and comfortable. Access them from anywhere in your room using your smartphone or remote control and enjoy the ultimate convenience.

But you can take them to the next level by featuring these shades with Z-wave technology and connecting them with smart home automation hub that will allow the shades to raise and lower using your voice commands. Just make sure the blinds and shades are compatible with your Google Home Voice Assistant.

Google Assistant not only help you stream music, make phone calls, or give you the latest news and weather information, but also make your window shades open and close as per your requirements that too without moving your finger! All you have to do is ask. Pre-program your virtual assistant or command them ‘OK, Google’ or ‘Hey, Google’ to keep the windows in the desired position. The AI is quite sophisticated and has a good conversation with the smart voice speakers to make your windows work.

Google Home now works with multiple languages including French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and English. So, it will respond to your command quickly while organizing your day in the most comfortable way.
Google Home Blinds
In this article, we will show you the best side of getting your smart blinds featured with voice controllers and the way of connecting Google Home with smart window coverings.

How to Connect Google Home with Smart Blinds?

Controlling window coverings using voice not only gives you pleasure and convenience but also increase the value of your home décor. But before getting this facility, you need to connect them properly. First, you need to make sure your shades are Z-wave compatible, or that they can connect to a compatible hub. Then you need to connect Google Home to that hub. Finally, you can connect your shades to the hub to control them with Google home. Here are step by step instructions to connect Z-wave shades to a SmartThings hub –

  • First, you need to pair your window shades to the SmartThings hub.
  • Go to
  • Login and then click on My Locations, then click on the hub name.
  • Go to My Devices and click on the device name for the shade.
  • Click on the Edit button, and under the device, type chooses dimmer switch and save it. Repeat step 4 and 5 for every window shade.
  • Google Home will find the devices and allow them to control the shades. If you find any issue, then disconnect and reconnect Google Home to SmartThings again.

Ask your window shades like ‘Hey Google, Open the Window Shades’ or ‘Hey Google, Close the shades’ to operate them with your voice!

Just make sure that your Smart Hub is switched on and connected to the Wi-fi network. Most of the window shades can be featured with this smart integration including solar shades, cellular shades, natural shades, and many more. Depending on your taste and requirements, you can customize them to suit your interior type.
Smart Google Home Window Shades

Benefits of Getting Voice-Activated Smart Blinds

Voice-controlled window dressings are the fastest growing and popular technology to save both time and energy. Check out the below advantages that will change your life, making it easier than before –

  • Google Home Automation gives you easy access of opening and closing the window shades. But you can pre-program them as well that will work at the particular time of the day. For example, getting home in the morning after a long hectic day at work and sunbeams making your space uncomfortable. This is where your Google Assistant will help you by closing the shade fabric, making the space dark for you.
  • When the outside temperature is at the peak position, ask your Google Home to close the shades in order to prevent the direct light and heat, making indoor at an ideal temperature while saving on energy bills.
  • With this smart mechanism, you don’t have to worry about the danger of window cords which means enhanced safety for kids and pets.
  • Besides safety, these shades are incredible in providing your space with high protection. They create an illusion of occupancy even if you are not at home.
  • Smart control adds a great value to your space, bring warmth and sophistication.

So, are you interested in Google Home Smart Window Blinds? You can count these blinds for a luxurious living and modern technology will help the blinds to stay at your preferred position. For further assistance or doubts, you can consult with the professionals!

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