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How to Conceal Sliding Door Hardware

Sliding Door with window dressings

Sliding doors are a common element in many houses. They provide easy access to the outdoors while also letting in natural light and fresh air. Some doors are simply an exit to a deck or patio, while others give a gorgeous backdrop by providing a breathtaking view. Furthermore, because of their large size and width, sliding doors increase the feeling of spaciousness of any area, whether it be the living room, kitchen, or any outside enclosure.

Large glass sliding doors open your home to the beauty of the outdoors. However, you don’t want to leave it exposed at all times. Usually, you will have it covered with a type of window dressing, such as vertical blinds or drapery. Window dressings come with mechanical components, such as brackets, screws, and a curtain rod (if you use curtains or drapes). These components, or hardware, can often be unsightly and you will want to find a way to conceal them.

A great way to conceal the hardware is using a valance to cover it. While most window treatments come with a valence option, there are several alternatives available to add a layer of pizzaz to the decor. We would like to share our decor ideas with you, so please read on.

Best Decor items to Conceal Hardware

Cornice Boards 

Among the available options for valances, cornice boards are the most complete looking and are versatile enough to go well with any window dressing. They are fabric sewn onto a solid board of wood, which are then wall mounted at the top portion of your sliding door. Its fabric cover allows it to come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing you to match it well with the window covering and other home decor you have. 

The board will perfectly cover the hardware of the window covering and the sliding track of the doors. The board is mounted on a curtain rod, which directly conceals the rod and the brackets holding it. With that, the board can be placed in front of any other dressing, whether it be drapes or blinds, easily concealing the mechanical components of the headrail. Its many features allow the  cornice boards to truly be the most complete way to conceal hardware.

Cornice Board combined with Roman shades

Custom Wood Valances

If the softer look of the cornice boards don’t appeal to your decor sense, might we suggest an alternative? Custom wood valances are cut to the size you require and come in many beautiful shapes and trims. They can easily match with wooden blinds or natural shades made from natural materials like bamboo. Together, they create a majestic natural looking aesthetic for the sliding doors.


Curtains or drapery provide its own way of covering the hardware that holds them up. The curtain rod holding them up can go inside of the fabric, naturally being hidden from sight. Drapery, being versatile with its size, can easily cover large sliding doors while also concealing the door’s sliding track hardware. Like cornice boards, curtains and drapery comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. The many options allow you to dress your beautiful glass sliding door in many different ways.

Considerations When Purchasing Sliding Door Window Treatments

  • Choosing the Correct Size

Most sliding glass doors lack adequate depth so you will almost certainly need to put the window treatment on the wall above. If you are purchasing something on your own, you must carefully measure it. Make sure you have the width and the height of the sliding doors, and add additional inches to the height to account for mounting above the frame as well as the width to cover any light gaps.

  • Choosing a Style and Material

As addressed above, you have a few options to play with in terms of covering your hardware. They allow you to develop a style with the different looks the materials provide. It is important to find something that will match your glass door and your surrounding interior decor. Sliding glass doors provide natural beauty to your home, it is important to accentuate it with the best type of dressing to conceal the hardware.

  • Coordination with Pre-Existing Decorations

Interior decor can be a fine and life long project that requires constant fine tuning. Just like your furniture, window dressings are an important component to interior decoration. Hardware such as brackets and cables are a necessary but unsightly part of window dressings. So choosing a method such as a cornice board to cover them may be a necessity to beautify your space.

Interior decor comes in many different styles and whatever yours may be, finding a way to match it should not be difficult with so many options available to you. Fabric colors and wood cuts are yours to choose from.

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