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5 Easy Techniques To Maintain and Clean Your Blinds

How to Clean Window Blinds

How to Clean Window Blinds – 5 Easy Techniques

There is a saying that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This means that cleanliness is important to our everyday life, wellbeing, and health. As a result, it is important to keep our surroundings and homes clean.

In our homes, our doors and windows connect us with the outside world, which means they also allow the dust to enter our house. So, the cleanliness of any home starts from cleaning the window coverings clean. Your window dressings encounter all the dust that tries to enter your home.

How to Clean Window Blinds for Large Windows

There are many types of window coverings available in the market and each window covering differs from one to another. There are many different ways to clean window coverings. Let us discuss the various cleaning techniques that help you to clean the window coverings easily and keep your home clean and tidy. Blinds for large windows acquire a huge amount of dust and dirt on them.  So, make sure you learn the various cleaning techniques that help you to clean your blinds easily.

Regular Cleaning

One easy way to keep your home clean and maintain your window blinds in an easy way is to clean the window coverings on a regular basis. When you clean the window shades on a regular basis, they tend to acquire fewer amounts of dust and dirt. This makes you invest less effort in maintaining your window treatments clean and tidy. This also makes your window coverings look newer for a longer time.

The following are the 5 easy and different ways to clean your window coverings.

Dusting Your Window Blinds


Cleraning Window Blinds


Dusting is the easiest and simple way to clean window coverings. Dusting is recommended for cleaning your window treatments on a regular basis as it makes cleaning blinds easily. If the window blinds are not dusted and clean regularly, the dust will be soiled and it becomes really hard to clean the window coverings.

We require a duster to clean the window blinds. Dust the window blinds from the top to the bottom. Flip the blinds to the closed position and simply dust them. Once you are done with this step, open the blinds and dust them through the slats.  Flip the blinds back and forth and clean the slats with the duster until all the dust falls off from the window blinds. Make sure you also dust the spaces behind the blinds so that you don’t give a room for the insects to sneak in. If your window blinds have cords, dust them too.

Repeat this on both the sides and keep your blinds clean.

Wet Wiping Technique

The wet wiping of window coverings is a simple cleaning technique.

For simple cleaning, dip a microfiber cloth in plain or soapy water. Lower the slats of the window blinds and wipe them with the microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth acts as a good cleaner for window blinds.

The second step involves opening the slats and wiping the slats.

You can repeat the same technique by flipping the window blinds and hence you can clean both the sides of the window blinds.

For deep cleaning, you can wipe each slat of the window blinds individually. While wiping each slat individually takes a lot of time, you can prefer water immersion for that case. So, wet wiping can be considered as a simple technique for cleaning the window blinds.


Vacuuming is a beautiful technique to clean your custom fabric window blinds and keep your home clean and tidy. Vacuuming is an effortless cleaning technique that gives the maximum results. Vacuum cleaners are one of the best blinds cleaners as they are specifically designed to clean your blinds by yourself. Vacuum cleaners help to absorb all the dust including the heavily soiled dust from your window blinds and make them look new. Vacuum cleaners also have a brush attachment that makes the cleaning process even easier. You can attach the brush whenever you want to use it and detach it once you are done. Vacuuming is magical as it makes your fabric look bright and clean within seconds.

Spot Cleaning Technique

For the blinds that require a medium cleaning, spot cleaning is a recommendable technique. Spot cleaning involves two steps. The first one is to sprinkle soapy water on your blinds and the second step is to clean them with a microfiber cloth. This technique helps you to remove the dust from your window blinds and keep them clean and tidy. This technique also makes the window blinds look new.

Water Immersion

This is a quick and easy way to clean a variety of blinds like the horizontal and vertical blinds, or mini blinds with cords.

This contains two steps.

-> The first step involves a bathtub of water and a cleaning liquid. Mix the desired amount of cleaning liquid in a bathtub of water.

-> The second step is to separate the window blinds from your window and immerse them in the liquid that we have prepared to clean the blinds.

Once you immerse the window blinds in the liquid, you can clean them with the microfiber cloth. Please ensure that your blinds are water resistant and can be immersed before performing this cleaning technique.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technique

If your window blinds require deep and heavy cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning technique is recommended. Ultrasonic cleaning is done through a machine that requires you to separate your window blinds from the windows and immerse them in the water. The ultrasonic machine washes away all the dust and wipes away every dirt mark and makes the blind look new and clean.

These are the various cleaning techniques that we suggest you clean your window blinds. Choose the perfect technique based on your requirements and maintain your window blinds clean throughout the year. Cleaning your blinds makes your home look new and clean altogether. Before cleaning, make sure that your blinds can endure the cleaning method without being damaged. For more information consult your blinds manufacturer. Happy cleaning!

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