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How to Clean Venetian Blinds with A Steam Cleaner

How To Clean Venetian Blinds With A Steam Cleaner

A Detailed Study on Cleaning Venetian Blinds with Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for a cost-effective option to cover your windows efficiently, then Venetian blinds are a great choice. Their light-blocking capability, protecting power that safeguards your valuable belongings from the harmful sunbeams, and keeping the prying eyes of outsiders out of the home, makes these coverings unique and incredible. The blinds are made of different slat sizes and adjusting them will control the incoming light through the windows and address privacy concerns inside the house. The blinds can enhance the look of your space with their endless option of colors and textures. The superior quality fabric materials make these blinds extremely durable and sturdy. But if you want to ensure their durability, then taking proper precautions and care is mandatory. Cleaning them on a daily basis will keep the treatments in good shape while increasing the lifespan.

If your windows face a busy street side, then chances are more than the slats accumulate extra dust and dirt. If the dust is allowed to build upon the slats, then the slats will run into operational issues. Even dust can cause allergy and asthma symptoms. So, cleaning the blinds regularly is essential in order to maintain a smooth operation while keeping your indoor ambiance healthy and dirt-free. Cleaning each of the slats individually may sound hard, but following some easy steps will make your job easier and simple. There are multiple ways of cleaning Venetian blinds but if you are looking for a faster solution, then opt for steam cleaning. The vapour produced in this process not only eliminates the unwanted particles but also kill the allergens. Learn the step by step ways before you start the procedure and avoid the mistakes that can damage your blind material.
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Steps to Steam Clean Venetian Blinds

• Step 1:
Fill the steam cleaner with water but do not overfill the reservoir. Check the product details once because sometimes, these blinds require distilled water for cleaning.
• Step 2:
Connect the brush attachment that came with the machine onto the end of the hose.
• Step 3:
Plug the steamer and switch it on. Wait for few minutes to produce steam, usually it takes 10-15mins or less.
• Step 4:
Do a small test, apply the steam onto a hidden area to ensure that the blind fabric will not damage or discolour after applying the steamer.
• Step 5:
Move the brush across the blinds, start cleaning from the top portion and slowly come to the down part.
• Step 6:
Wipe down the moisture and dust remaining on the slats using a clean towel or damp cloth.
• Step 7:
Rotate the other side of the Venetian blinds and follow the same process.
Note: Don’t forget to check the water level of the steamer. When the reservoir is empty, it will stop making steam. Fill the tank again but make sure to cool down the steamer before re-filling.

Different Types of Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning is easy and versatile, but choosing the right machine or attachment for this process is mandatory.
• Brush Attachments: Steam cleaners with brush and vacuum attachment is best for this cleaning method that ensures your Venetian blind fabric won’t get damaged at any cause.
• HEPA Filter: To enhance the cleaning capabilities that will remove allergens and all the small dirty particles from the slats, select a steam cleaner that has HEPA filter.
• Detail Brushes: Machine with detail brushes to clean your blinds efficiently that too in very less time.

Steam Cleaning with Vinegar

There are many homeowners who use vinegar in steam cleaner reservoir to clean the dirty particles. But vinegar is not recommended for all the Venetian blind surfaces. So, check with the manufacturer before using any chemical solution.


There are various ways of cleaning Venetian blind slats which include dusting, vacuuming, liquid cleaning, and many more. But if you are looking for the fastest and quickest way of cleaning the dressings, then opt for a steam cleaning method which takes less time, effort, and is an eco-friendly method as well. Proper cleaning not only makes your treatment look and feel like new, but also increases the lifespan of the product. But make sure to choose high-quality steam cleaner to enjoy the complete benefits of steam cleaning. Following the above guideline will make your cleaning experience easier. Consult with the experts for further assistance!

Disclaimer: Please follow these instructions at your own risk. ZebraBlinds takes no liability for any issues or damage caused by following DIY methods. Since all blinds and shades are different, we always recommend checking with your blind manufacturer or retailer first before making any modifications to your blinds. As well, if you are uncomfortable on your own, look for the help of a professional. It is not recommended to perform steam cleaning on wooden blinds.

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