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How to Clean Shutters and Blinds with Simple Ingredients at Home

How Important is it to Clean My Window Coverings?

Cleaning window treatments is a practise that is quite often overlooked, or at least something that is not given enough thought when they are bought. The simple fact of the matter is that cleaning your blinds or shutters is just as important as cleaning any other part of your interior décor, floors and even walls. If you think about it, blinds and shutters need to be given special treatment considering the fact that they are used as window coverings for all types of rooms. For instance, a blind in your kitchen might have traces of food oils or kitchen ingredients on it.

Despite anybody’s best efforts, the accumulation of dust cannot be prevented on blinds and shutters. Dust and other substances, if left resting over a period of time, can cause two main problems. Firstly, they can drastically impact the overall quality of your blinds, making them less durable and the fabric of the blinds or shutters can fade faster, which means you will have to look for a replacement sooner than you expected. The other problem is that it can be detrimental to your health and those you live with. This is especially true if you have kids or pets at home who can breathe tiny particles of dust while fiddling around near the blinds or shutters. They can trigger allergies too. Also, it doesn’t make for a good first impression if a guest pays a closer look to your blinds and notices dust accumulation (especially if you have made the effort to clean the rest of your home).

What can I do to keep my blinds or shutters clean?

Thankfully, keeping your blinds clean doesn’t have to be a complicated process that requires a lot of your time, effort or industrial grade cleaning equipment. With a few items that you can find at home or your nearest grocery or hardware store you can keep your cost of maintenance to a minimum. It is essential to adopt a disciplined practise so that you can clean your window treatment, at least once in a month. If you have a pets or kids at home, it might be beneficial to clean them once a fortnight.

It is important to know that one single cleaning method wont work effectively for all kinds of shutters and blinds. They all have different designs, material control mechanism and even different sizes.

How do I clean my vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are usually made out of PVC, which means that the amount of dust that sticks to them are lesser. What is also extremely noteworthy is that the slats of vertical blinds are bigger than traditional venetian or horizontal blinds. This means that vertical blinds are easier to clean than some other blinds. The only things you might need is a simple feather duster to take off most of the dust from the slats, and a wet cloth to wipe them clean. If you have a vacuum that has its own feather duster you might want to use that as well. A feather duster not only works well with PVC, but also blinds made out of aluminium and or wooden material. Make sure that you approach the blinds delicately.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

How do I clean my wooden blinds?

Something you should be aware of while cleaning wooden blinds is that you shouldn’t get them too wet. Overexposure to water and moisture can cause the wood to chip, warp and even swell if you are not too careful. Just use a simple cleaning solution (not too strong though) and a feather duster. Check with your blind manufacturer if you aren’t too sure.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

How do I clean my Roller Blinds?

Lightly colored patterns or designs of Roller blinds tend to show stains and smears of dust if it catches some. This is something you would want to keep in mind when you are considering buying Roller Blinds. If you’re prepared to clean them regularly this shouldn’t matter to you as much. Roller blinds also have fabric. Which means that cleaning them is a slightly different process. Using the soft brush of the vacuum is your best and safest bet. Make sure the brush is not imposed on the fabric, but is slightly above to catch the dust without ruining the fabric. You can also use the method to clean your Roman Blinds because of the similar design and material.

Cleaning Holland Roller Blinds

Can I make a cleaning solution at home?

You can make cleaning solution at home with simple ingredients that you don’t have to go too far to look for. Before you do, you might want to check on the effect of the ingredients on the specific type of fabric that you have to make sure it won’t damage it.

All you need a washing bowl which has a partial mixture of warm water and vinegar. Once you have the cleaning mixture, you can use a microfibre cloth to soak into the mixture. You can now use the cloth to wipe PVC, metal and other painted surfaces. It is recommended that you do not use this on fabric. What you would rather do is use a washing soap and water mixture, after doing some research and talking to your blind manufacturer beforehand. You can also use a steam cleaner on the fabric after making sure that it is dry. (Make sure to test the steam cleaner once on a portion of the fabric that is not so prominent just to make sure that it doesn’t cause the color of the fabric to fade).

How does deep cleaning of blinds and shutters work?

If your blinds and shutters have been neglected for a few months, there is a chance that the accumulation of dust is excessive and that the dust might have even turned to grime. It is at this stage that deep cleaning is highly recommended. Fortunately, you can deep clean your shutters or blinds at home, by using your bathtub.

You must fill your bath with a mixture of soap and lukewarm water. Then detach your blinds or shutters and dip them in the bathtub. Now use a sponge or brush to give each slat some long deserved attention. Keep in mind that you must make sure the headrail is not exposed to the water so that there is no chance of damaging the control mechanism. When doing this, you should make sure that the material of your blind or shade is water submersible.

Now that you know different ways of keeping your window treatments clean, it should make things a little easy for you at home. These methods will not only ensure that your house is a healthy space, but also ensure your shutters or blinds last longer. If you’re having trouble cleaning regularly, set a reminder on any of your devices to notify you to take some time out of your weekend to clean them.

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