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How to Clean Shades and Blinds Without Damaging Them

How to Clean Shades and Blinds

Wondering how to clean your shades and blinds without damaging them? If so, then you are in the right place, since in the following sections we will be exploring details of how to clean blinds and shades in the right manner so that they do not get damaged or become lackluster after they are cleaned.

So, let us delve into the details in the following sections which will certainly help you utilize the right procedure while cleaning your window treatments.


How to Clean Shades and Blinds Properly


You may be interested in mixing window treatments in one room such as blinds and shades together to create a special look and feel in your home.

In such situation, you will have to gain knowledge of how to clean both types of window treatments so as to prolong their lifespan and make them look just as new.


How to Clean Blinds


Intricacies of Cleaning Blinds

Wood Blinds | Faux Wood Blinds | Vertical Blinds | Aluminum Blinds

Wood Blinds

If the wood blinds have stained and painted finish then you should clean such blinds with a spray polish and wipe them using a soft cloth. Additionally, you should not use water for wood blinds.

The reason is that use of water can result in discoloration, warping, bubbling, or bowing. Similarly, a chemical solvent or ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided since it can result in damage to wood blinds.

You can make use of a dust cloth, soft feather duster, dusting mitt, or clean cloth for cleaning wood blinds. You can also utilize your vacuum with a soft brush attachment for this purpose.


Faux Wood Blinds

In comparison to wood blinds, faux wood blinds are more moisture resistant as well as more durable.

However, when cleaning faux wood blinds you should avoid the use of any type of abrasive sponge. Let us look at the procedure that you should follow.

  • Make use of a dry rag for wiping the slats.
  • Use a damp cloth along with a mild detergent or soap for cleaning the slats.
  • You can also use a brush attachment with your vacuum for cleaning the blinds.


Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds


Vertical Blinds

In our quest to answer the question, how to clean shades and blinds, let us look at how to clean vertical blinds. You can remove vinyl vanes and submerge them in water for the purpose of cleaning.

In addition, for eliminating static electricity, what you should do is coat these vanes using some type of mild detergent. But, if there are fabric vanes, then you should not dry clean them or immerse them in water.

Sheer fabrics are usually steam pressed during the manufacturing process. But, you may have to iron or re-steam them at a low temperature prior to hanging them.

Moreover, you should avoid ironing or steaming the fabric while it is still over the vanes since they may get damaged.

Additionally, avoid putting the fabric into the dryer. Although some fabrics may be machine washable, it is not recommended.

Let us look at the cleaning steps you need to take-

  • Unsnap fabric from vanes.
  • Use gentle and mild laundry detergent for cleaning the fabric and avoid chlorine bleach.
  • Line dry your fabric instead of putting them in the dryer.
  • If necessary, iron or steam the fabrics at a low temperature.


Aluminum Blinds

Even if there are curtains and blinds on the same window, it is easier to clean aluminum blinds, but you should avoid the use of hot water for cleaning purposes.

All you will need is a dry rag for cleaning them, and if they are very dirty, then you can also use soap water to cleaning them.


Cleaning Venetian Blinds



How to Clean Shades?

Intricacies of Cleaning Shades

Cellular Shades | Roman Shades | Roller Shades | Sheer Shades

Cellular Shades

If there are dead bugs in your cellular shades, what you can do is use a can of compressed air or a hair dryer (that is running on cool mode) to get rid of such bugs from your cellular shades.

If there are stains on the shades, then they should be blotted clean using a damp cloth, mild detergent, and warm water. However, you should not scrub your shade’s fabric since it can result in damage or pilling.

In addition, you should not be submerging the shades or making them overly wet. This is due to the fact that the fabric will lose its shape and it is also possible that metal components will rust due to such overuse of water.

After the shades dry out, keep them raised for a few hours so that the pleats get re-trained and the shade stays looking crisp.


Cleaning Window Shades


Roman Shades

Roman shades can be pleated, flat, or draped in swags and by cleaning them in right manner you will be able to preserve them for a longer duration.

All you will need is a soft dusting brush attachment of your vacuum and put it on low suction to achieve the desired results. If there are stains, then they should be spot cleaned but you should not saturate the material with a lot of water since such actions can damage your shades.


How to Clean Roman Shades



Roller Shades

For vinyl roller shades all you will need is a sponge or cloth soaked in mild dishwashing detergent and some amount of lukewarm water to clean them up.

In addition, you should begin from the bottom and move upwards until the complete shade is clean. After cleaning completes, you should also fully extend the shades to let them fully dry out.


Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are trendy window coverings that are usually translucent and can be easily adjusted for diffusing the light. Moreover, they look delicate but, are made out of knitted polyester to provide them their sturdiness.

When it comes to cleaning these shades you will have to use the brush attachment on your vacuum and ensure that it is kept on the lowest suction setting.


The Bottom Line

From above details, we have a clear idea of what is the difference between shades and blinds when it comes to cleaning them.

Both type of window treatments has their own respective features that you will have to keep note of to ensure they do not get damaged while you clean them.

By keeping note of the above-mentioned points you will be able to clean them in right manner and also prolong their lifespan.

However, if you are still unsure about some aspects of cleaning and would like professional guidance on the same then what you can do is give us a call (at – 1-866-881-8682).


Members of the Zebra Blinds professional team will help you understand all the intricacies of cleaning blinds and shades so that you can clean them in right manner without causing any type of damage.

We are always available, so give us a call whenever you have any doubt in mind and we will make sure your doubts are cleared and you get a complete understanding of how to clean the window treatments.

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