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How to Clean Outdoor Roller Blinds


What are Outdoor Roller Blinds?

A Roller Blind is the ultimate window covering for affordable, simple, and practical dressing solutions. It is a single fabric that goes around a metal tube and is fitted onto your window or door frame, either from the inside or outside.  The operating mechanisms are multiple, a pull cord attached to the bottom, a winding mechanism attached to the side, or if budget permits-a motorized control for easy operations. Ideal for patios, yards, and balconies they come in a range of colors, patterns, and textures adding warmth and style to your outdoor sections. They can be either wall or ceiling mounted to give you complete privacy.

They are completely adjustable and customizable making them the perfect solution to control, the sun, wind, and rain. Available in mesh fabrics to block out UV rays, these blinds are a perfect choice and be outdoorsy. Ideal protection while enjoying a complete view with your privacy.

Like other decorations in your home, a motorized outdoor shades also needs to be protected. Regular care and cleaning will only ensure it goes a long mile that not only extends its durability but continues to enhance the look of your loving favorite spot. Outdoor blinds are exposed to dust and dirt and hence they get dirty far more quickly than indoor blinds and shades. By following regular steps, you can continue to benefit from these blinds for a longer period of time:

  1. Use a sponge to regularly keep them clean. Mix regular detergent in warm water and use the sponge to remove any dirt from the blind
  2. Ensure to avoid abrasive material to clean them
  3. A useful tip is to clean them by operating them while they are warm

Outdoor Porch Roll Up Shades

Protect Your Outdoor Roller Blinds

Keeping Outdoor Roller Blinds in a lowered position extends the durability of the blind and allows the material to maintain its shape. If kept too tight, they may lose some shape in the middle due to the tightness. Ideally loosening the tension ensures the blind fill out easily. In case of a windy season, roll up your blinds to avoid being scratched and get damaged. Most companies do not cover damage of this kind under their warranty.

Keeping your blinds dry before rolling them up is a good habit for their safety and longevity. In case of any moisture being caught in the rolled-up material, heat can filter in and expand the fabric causing irreparable damage. Hence ensuring the blinds are completely dried off before rolling them up.

Making Your Blinds Last Longer

Removing any bird dropping, dried leaves, or foreign dust particles from the Blind ensures the longevity of the same. Cleaning regularly assists this process. Here is a step-by-step method of doing the same:

Soft brush regularly – Using a soft-bristled brush, clean both sides of your blind regularly depending on how often you set this task for. Using a soft brush will safely guard your blind against any scratches that can be caused by harsh materials from nature. Dedicating enough time will help extend the longevity and give you soothing blinds for your privacy. Start removing any mild stains caused by any outdoor debris.

Use soft cleansers – Avoiding strong chemicals like petrol, oil, detergents, solvents or harsh cleaning fluids that you might prefer is the first step in giving your blinds a healthy and longer life. These chemicals not only tarnish the color but also weakens the strength of your blind fabric. Targeted cleansers for different fabrics are available in the market that is particularly used for each material, we suggest using these. Use a non-chemical cleanser for amazing and gentle nurturing of your outdoor blind.

Keep them Spotless – Outdoor Roller Blinds are subject to more dirt exposure from the sun, wind, and other natural calamities. Stains caused by mildew, mud, and bird droppings can be a nuisance and become irritants over time. Avoid this by keeping the surface clean with regular care.

Keep them Dry–Ensure to lower your blinds to dry after every wash or the rains. Wet blinds when rolled up will have mold growing them hence causing damage to your blinds.

No high-pressure cleaning, please – High-pressure cleaning methods are a complete no-no. The high-pressure washers and rotary brushes tend to damage your blinds hence making them wear out or fray. Sticking to soft brushes will give your pocket some ease and you will only thank yourself more often.

Sidetracks are important too Sidetracks are as important as the blinds and need regular cleaning too. To ensure the smooth operation of the blinds, clean your sidetracks with a soft wet wipe and remove any dust or grime.

Cleaning Mesh Outdoor Blinds – A soft cloth with soapy cold water does the trick efficiently. These blinds are less sensitive but need enough care. The material is made to suit any kind of weather and helps keep your privacy intact.

Regular cleaning of your Outdoor Roller Blinds will ensure long-lasting and vibrant window coverings for your home. A well maintained blind will keep your home a happy place.