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How to Clean Fabric Roman Shades

How to Clean Fabric Roman Blinds

What are Roman Shades?

In the world of window treatments, the one window dressing that has held its ground despite stiff competition from newly emerging window treatments is Roman Shades. Today there are a plethora of window shades and blinds stuffed with features and qualities but they have not been able to diminish the charm, the appeal and popularity of Roman Shades. They continue to remain a favorite among the people like drapes. They are the go-to window treatments for people who are confused or find themselves facing a dilemma over the selection of window coverings for their homes.

Roman shades have a rich aura and elegance like drapes but are more streamlined and have a neat and tidy appearance. They can blend beautifully with any decor style and infuse warmth and softness into your home that is truly magical. Roman Shades are fabric window coverings and are lowered and raised with the help of cords. When the shades are raised the fabrics stack neatly and evenly in horizontal folds. When raised, Roman shades look like a fabric valance that helps to add just the right amount of drama that your windows need. The best part is that they can be customized to be bright and cheerful or soft, ethereal and understated. The versatility of Roman shades makes them an ideal window treatment for every room even for bathrooms and kitchens.

How to Clean Fabric Roman Blinds

If you have installed Roman Shades in your house it is important to be aware of how to keep your shades clean and maintain them well. Regular cleaning of the shades will help to keep away allergens that get collected by pet hair and dust which can cause a plethora of diseases. It will help purify the air of the house and also keep the shades in the best of quality and preserve their beauty.

It is important to vacuum your Roman shades every week with the help of a handheld vacuum or a fabric brush. Make sure to vacuum the folds of the Roman Shades in particular as dust tends to collect here more. If you live in areas where it is extremely dusty then you may have to vacuum three to four times weekly.
Easy Cleaning Roman Shades

Sometimes Roman Shades come with heavy brocade embroidery or some more intricate and detailed decorative needlework. Such shades need more care and dusting on a regular basis. You can try using a feather duster or even a static-fabric duster to dust the shades. Spray the duster with any dust repellent to prevent the dust from clinging on to the fabric. Endust (TM) is one such dust repellent. It is better to avoid using vacuum for these shades with heavy works as the suction of the vacuum will cause the decorative stitching to loosen. Use a fabric freshener to spray these shades and then use clean water to rinse the shades.

You can even use upholstery cleaner to clean non-washable fabrics. Allow the shades to dry and then brush off the powder residue using a vacuum. Apply a stain repellent as well to these non-washable fabrics at least every three years.

Immediate Removal of Stains and Spills
If the washable fabric of your Roman Shades catches some non-greasy stains it is recommended to splash the spot with some club soda to remove the stain immediately without delay. If there are stains caused by grease or some oily substance then spray some stain remover. Before you do this, you should consult with your manufacturer or know if the fabric of your shade can withstand harsh cleaners.
Cleaning Tips for Roman Shades

Machine Wash
If the fabric used for Roman Shade is permitted to be washed by washing machine go ahead and do so. You can remove the strings or leave them on as you wish. However, remember to remove all the dowels from the flats shades before you put them into the machine. Use warm water just enough to cover them and use gentle liquid detergent instead of powdered ones as they often refuse to dissolve properly.

After machine wash, rinse them in cool water before placing them in the dryer. Select low heat setting for around 45 minutes. Now the shades are ready to be restrung and hand them back on the headrail. Then use a towel to roll them in and press the water out. Hang them back to the window to dry them. For sheer Roman Shades, hand wash is preferred over machine wash.

Professional Cleaning
If your fabric Roman Shades is made of non-washable natural fibers like silk, linen, wool or fiber-glass blend then it is recommended that you give these shades to dry cleaners for deep professional cleaning. They need to be professionally inspected and cleaned for areas where you might have used spot cleaners for the removal of stains.

Repair Shades
You need to inspect your Roman Shades for any broken or loose string loops, dropping hems or other repairs after cleaning. These need to be repaired and mended before the shades are hung back to the windows.
Close inspection, regular dusting, cleaning and periodic washing or professional intervention is much needed if you want your Roman Shades to last for years and retain their appeal and remain functional.

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