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How To Clean Fabric Blinds Safely Without Damaging The Material


There is something unique about blinds that gives them an upper hand over traditional window coverings. Beginning from their aesthetic look to the convenience of rolling them up when you need more amount of sunlight to enter and lowering them for privacy, blinds are a practical and decorative choice for any house! Additionally, they come in several materials and styles which also implies that the cleaning techniques for each of them are different.

Despite your exceptional efforts, there is a possibility that your fabric blinds might get dirty at times. Whether you spilled something accidentally, or it is the gradual collection of grime and dirt, you might find yourself having to clean the fabric blinds. But, this presents a challenge as it is nearly impossible to wash your fabric blinds in the washing machine. So, how do you clean your fabric blinds safely without damaging them? The solution is simple and needs no special equipment. Read on to know the step-by-step guide that will help you to clean the fabric blinds safely without damaging them.

What Makes Fabric Blinds So Special?

Fabric blinds are a great and versatile home decor solution. They can be used to filter the natural light in the room they are present in or block it completely. They are available in a wide array of unique lengths, widths, fabrics, styles, and colors. So, the fabric blinds can be customized based on your house decor style. However, fabric blinds are not practical sometimes as they don’t possess high durability. They get stained easily and can collect a great amount of grime and dirt.

How To Clean Roller Shades Safely?

Since no folds or pleats are present in roller blinds, they offer a very tidy and uniform look which is only dirtied with the collection of dust and grime! So, if you see yourself standing in a cloud of dust when the roller blinds drop down, then the cleaning procedure given below ensures to restore tidy, stainless, and dust-free blinds.

  1. Vacuum clean both the sides of the roller shades before soaking them to remove as much dirt and grime from the fabric.
  1. There are no slats/panels present on the rear side of the roller shades. Therefore, they can be immersed in a cleaning solution to revive their actual color and the fabric. For this, a mild solution of plain water and laundry detergent is recommended. Based on the material, you should consider suitable washing instructions for your fabric roller shades.
  1. If the washing instructions allow, immerse the roller shades in the cleaning solution for an hour. The dirt present on the shades can be loosened and removed by agitating the material and the solution. At the end of one hour, you will find that the water has become discolored/dirty indicating that the deep clean is working.
  1. Remove the shades and lay them flat on a clean floor. Using a sponge/soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the fabric. With a stronger cleaning solution prepared using water and liquid detergent, stubborn stains/dirt can be cleaned.
  1. Hold the roller shades under running water for removing the cleaner. Repeat this a few more times until the water runs clear.
  1. Dry the roller shades by hanging them or draping them to a clothes rack. Check twice if it has dried completely before rolling them up to avoid the presence of moisture.

How To Clean Roman Shades Safely?

Roman shades consist of slats covered in a fabric material that folds when it is raised. These come in various kinds of materials. Like any other fabric materials, roman shades are also vulnerable to dirt, stain, dust, and discoloration. Nonetheless, with the implementation of easy and regular cleaning techniques, the roman shades will appear as beautiful as new for decades to come!

  1. If the blinds are hung too high, remove them and begin the cleaning procedure.
  1. In order to lay the material flat, the blinds should be unfolded.
  1. Vacuum clean the fabric from top to base using the traditional vacuum cleaner which should be simple and quick to use when the shades are laid down flat on the floor.
  1. Take some more time to vacuum the peak and base edges of the shade because dust collects in these specific areas.
  1. Spot clean stains on the roman shades using water, mild dish soap, and a clean cloth. Then, dampen the cloth in the cleaning solution and gently rub the stains. Then, rinse off the shades using a clean damp towel.

How To Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds Safely?

Fabric vertical blinds are the most sought-after home decor option for many. They possess the ability to introduce a relaxed and classic vibe to any space. However, cleaning these blinds can become a major issue if correct cleaning instructions aren’t followed:

  1. If you can reach the blinds, then you don’t have to take them down. Just vacuum individual slats using a brush attachment while keeping the blinds closed. Repeat the same procedure for the flip side of the blinds.
  1. Prepare a mild cleaning solution using water and liquid detergent. Don’t make the solution very soapy as rinsing it off thoroughly can be difficult.
  1. Dip and squeeze a clean non-abrasive scrubber/microfibre cloth in the solution and wipe the blinds gently from peak to base.
  1. Remove the cleaning agent by dampening a clean towel and then wiping it over the fabric.
  1. Let the blinds air-dry overnight.

Bottom Line

Knowing the use of appropriate cleaning methods and products for a particular type of window blind is essential for maintaining their functionality and stunning appearance. You wouldn’t want to use a technique that can cause damage or lead to blinds discoloration which, unfortunately, has proved to be true for most of them. To ensure proper cleaning, identify the type of blinds you have and follow these easy steps.