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Extend the Life of Your Blinds with Proper Maintenance and Aftercare

How to Clean Blinds

Quick Tips on  How to Clean Blinds and Shades

For those who have ever invested in window treatments, allow us to remind you that not cleaning your blinds and shades for more than a week is not an option. A light hand dusting every week will do, but any less and you might risk long-term damage to your blinds. Nothing is more embarrassing than a dirty house. And well, window treatments are an essential part of your house, aren’t they?. So, to save you from the those heavily soiled blinds with mud, dust, pet-fur and all sorts of filthy stuff, we have covered everything related to their cleanliness in this blog.

Must have equipment to clean blinds & shades:

The equipment for cleaning your shades and blinds will be chosen according to the amount of dirt accumulated on them. To begin with, make sure you carry a vacuum cleaner with its attachments. Apart from that, you will be needing a microfibre cloth or a mini blind duster. Keep a bottle of a gentle cleaner handly too.

Here are some suggestions given by experts to maintain your blinds and shades. Besides saving you from the strenuous efforts of cleaning accumulated filth, acknowledging these suggestions will also increase the durability of your blinds and shades.

  1. Don’t forget to clean your blinds and shades with a gentle cloth or a vacuum cleaner every time you clean the house
  2. Take time to dust your window coverings once in a month
  3. Make it a habit to give them a thorough clean once every season
  4. Manage a deep cleaning session twice a year

Getting Rid of a Single Layer of Dust – Easy Ways to Clean Blinds

If you have recently invested in new blinds and shades or you are thinking of giving the old ones a regular cleaning session, then a simple microfibre mini blind duster will do your job because most of the dirt piled up on your window coverings is loose dust. In the case of wooden or plastic blinds:

1. Open the blinds and leave them in that position

2. Grab the duster and use it to wipe the slats from top to bottom. Cleaning them in this order will take care of the dust which falls down while you are wiping

3. Grab your vacuum cleaner attachment and clean the remaining dust from the last slat

Best Ways to Clean Blinds of All Kinds

In case of heavily soiled blinds, a dry dusting cloth would not suffice. The cleaning methods for both wood-based and plastic based blinds are different. We have jotted down the best ways to clean blinds of all kinds.

Plastic Blinds:

Vinyl Window Blinds

1. Remove the initial layer of dust by using the cloth as mentioned above

2. Dismantle your blinds and take them out from the window

3. Soak them in warm water for an hour or so

4. After removing them from the water, clean them with the duster or a microfibre cloth and get rid of the remaining particles of dust

Wipe them dry and Bingo! You did it. Note that cleaning instructions can vary depending on the product.

Wooden Blinds:

Wooden Blinds

1. Get rid of the dust in the similar manner as explained above

2. Wipe the remaining dust with a vacuum cleaner

3. In case of wooden blinds, keep the water away and conclude your cleaning procedure with a microfibre cloth and a cleaner. Wipe them side by side till you get rid of all the dirt

4. Try not to use polish or oil on your wooden blinds because it makes the work messier and attracts more dust particles on the blinds

Cleaning the shades-

Unlike to what it seems, cleaning shades is not that hard at all. Remember to be a little gentle while scrubbing the fabric, and please stay away from the harsh chemicals.

Honeycomb shades/ Horizontal Shades:

1. To get rid of the dust on your honeycomb shades, the first step is to close them completely

2. Remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner and its brush extension

3. If you happen to see any stubborn dirt in the cells, use your blow dryer on the cooler setting to blow it off

 Aluminum Shades:

Aluminum Venetian Blinds


Extremely low maintenance, aluminum shades are the easiest to maintain. Cleaning them with a vacuum cleaner with its upholstery attachment will do most of your work. In case of stubborn spots, dampen a sponge and use a mild detergent to wipe them gently. Don’t scratch them too hard, this can cause aberrations on the surface of the slats.

Woven Shades:

Natural Woven Wood Shades

Use the brush attachment for a gentle clean up. Try not to use any liquid soap, cleaner or even water as this may spoil the fabric. Dusting them gently is the only way to wipe them clean.

Roller Shades & Solar Shades:


Roller Solar Shades

Grab the upholstery attachment and vacuum them gently. For stubborn spots, use a light detergent or cleaner and wipe them softly. In case of roller shades and solar shades, dry cleaning is not an option. Also, try to stay away from the strong cleaners, bleaches, and spot removers as they may cause damage to the material they are made of.

Roman Shades:

Detach the shades from the windows and lay them flat on the table. Vacuum them gently with the brush or an upholstery attachment. Use a mild cleaner and rub the shade very gently. The wrong amount of pressure can spoil your shade by causing its delicate fabric to wrinkle or tear.

If nothing works out, don’t worry. You can always phone a professional cleaner. But if your window treatments are old and on their way out, it may be better to replace them completely. So, visit our website and check out our selection of modern window treatments to treat your windows in different ways.

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