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How to Clean and Maintain Your Roman Shades

How to Clean and Maintain Your Roman Shades

Cleaning Tips for Roman Window Shades

Window blinds and shades are often the last things we think about cleaning. But do you know they hold more dust and dirt than the other household things, especially when your windows confront a busy street side? If you want your window treatments to last a long time, then clean them regularly.

Before you get down to this process, figure out what kind of shade you have, and the material used for the design. Different covering needs different care and maintenance. In this article, we will discuss roman shades cleaning tips and tricks. These shades are the most beautiful and phenomenal among all the window shades and blinds. Their aura and beauty make them a unique choice to install in every interior. They are a complete package of beauty and functionality. That said, they often use special fabrics that can be delicate, so make sure you clean them properly. To maintain the indoor ambiance and the durability and smoothness of the shades, consider clearing them every day. These custom window shades are made of fabrics like silk, cotton, and linen, so they need special and attention. We have bundled up a step by step guidelines on the best way to clean up these window blinds to maintain the vibrancy and timeless appearance. Follow this to experience an easy cleaning job!

Ways to Clean Designer Roman Window Shades

• Vacuuming
Roman shades have pleats and folds, and they require extra maintenance. If your window treatment gets more dust than the average window, then consider vacuuming your window shadings. But make sure to add a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner, which will not damage the embroidery work. During this process, do it downward motion, and always focus on the edges and the bottom parts where the dirt accumulates most. Do this weekly once to maintain the quality of the shades.
Vacuum Cleaning Roman Shades
• Dusting
If your shades have a fringe, decorative edges, or embroidery, then the best way to remove dust from the surface is dusting. Take a microfiber cloth or duster and clean them weekly. Avoid vacuuming in the specialized areas as they can damage the decorative stitching.
Easy Cleaning Roman Shades

• Spot Cleaning
Remove the stain and spills from the roman fabric with the spot cleaning method. If you install these shades on kitchen windows, then stains can create spots on the material. For greasy or oily substances, use gentle liquid solution. Don’t go for harsh chemicals that damage the fabric quality. Try not to wash them in the machine; it’s always better to clean them manually that will give them a fresh look. Certain stains can be removed by using a damp cloth, but stubborn stains need special cleaners. Before using any liquid cleaners make sure to check with your manufacturer.

• Wash the Shades
There are two ways to wash these window shades, but before you start, remove the fabric from the headrail.
Instead of using water while cleaning the shades, clean them at a dry cleaner using a solvent base. This process works well on every fabric except leather and suede. But if the fabric is water safe, then you can go for a machine wash. Otherwise, dip them in cold water that will lower the chances of shrinkage and the color loss. Don’t forget to dry them properly.
Cleaning Tips for Roman Shades

Clean the Shades Like an Expert!

When you buy roman blinds, whether they are flat, pleated, or hobbled, clean them like a pro.
Cleaning roman shades is easy and straightforward. Do these procedures regularly and enjoy their endless benefits all year long. These roman shades are popular because of their astounding and stylish look, so care for them to keep their popularity maintained and extend their longevity. Cleaning them not only enhances the beauty of your interior, but it keeps you healthy and fit. Many suffer from allergens and multiple health issues because of dust but cleaning the window shades will reduce the chances.

The cleaning tips are easy to follow and should be done frequently. If you have any delicacy with your window shade, consult with the professional executives. They will help you in every step. Otherwise, you can go through the manual, where you will find the best instructions.

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