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How to Choose Window Treatments for Smaller Rooms

Window Treatments for Smaller Rooms

Choosing the correct window treatment is not an easy task. This is because they not only add to the appearance of your room but also help in regulating the temperature and the sunlight that enters your room. This means window coverings are a purchase that affects the luxury and aesthetic of your house and you will have to be very careful of the choices that you will be making. A good way to make your choices is through clearly understanding what your needs and requirements are and what features you would be giving more priority to. It is difficult to find a product that will deliver all the features of a window covering in equal efficiency, so you will have to have a good understanding of what you want. A little research and even blogs and guidelines put out by the customer services of different online stores for window blinds and shades will give you a clear idea of what you can expect from their products.

The thing with window treatments is that a lot of its functionality depends upon the room that you are planning to install it in. This means that everything ranging from the material used to the size of the product and even to the type of window shades and blinds you are looking for can vary depending on where you plan to install it.

With growing populations and increases in high-density living, especially in cities, living spaces have only gotten smaller. We are all nestled against one another and privacy is difficult to come by with the neighbor’s window opening right next to yours. We are providing you with a brief overview of some ideas that you can use while installing window shades in smaller rooms. Smaller rooms require a certain kind of technique to maximize the space and to not make it look cramped. You can keep some of them in mind while doing so in your own homes and offices and making the best of the rooms that have now become the norm.

1. Take special care of the material that you are using
A small room can look easily jam-packed if the material that it is used in isn’t breezy enough or looks too gaudy. Your main purpose should be to lighten the living space and create and the illusion of space and the best way of doing so is through selecting materials that are not very voluminous. Fabric and vinyl are a good choice even over wood or faux wood. Similarly, drapes and curtains can be a good choice instead of cellular shades because they appear light on the eyes. However, drapes and curtains do not always provide the best privacy. So, a good idea would be to install a double layer treatment rather than installing a single heavy piece. This will give you the added option of controlling the sunlight entering your room more efficiently. You can open just one of the drapes and enjoy the translucent hazy sunlight of the summer rather than trading for an ‘all-or-nothing’ product. Installing drapes and curtains in such a way also give you a more economical option. You can also look for lighter materials such as vinyl and plastic shades that don’t add to the volume in the room.
2. The color of the blinds makes a lot of difference
It is already known that colors add to the illusion of space in a room. So, it would be a great idea to go for lighter colors rather than darker ones. Natural shades, nude shades and even pastel colors give a lot space to the room. You can easily get your desired color through customization. Look for a store that offers customization at affordable rates. Some stores even provide free samples of the product. In this way you can have a clear sense of what you are purchasing. And don’t worry! Shades such as nude and pastel go with almost all walls and furniture and give a more elegant vibe to your room.
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3. Give a chance to outside mount window shades
A very good option to consider while installing window shades for small rooms is the outside mount. These window coverings work very well if the room is on the ground floor as they are easier to install and there are low risks of injury and are easier to clean. The outside mount window shades are installed outside the window and beyond the windowpane. As you can see, these won’t occupy the space in the room and will give all the benefits of window shades. To add to this, they add more security to your house as it is like adding another layer of wall to your room. Outside mount window shutters are the most popular option and they add to the appearance of the house too. They are visually very regal and look luxurious. A demerit of installing outside mount shutters is that they are kind of a permanent arrangement and are generally costly. You can look for outside mount solar shades as well, but they won’t be as durable as shutters.
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4. Solar shades
A large part of making your room seem larger is dependent on the kind of lighting that is available in the room. Filtered lighting which falls in your room at correct times can make a lot of difference to how spacious your room may look. Solar shades can do wonders with the lighting in your room. If you don’t know, solar shades block the sun but remain transparent for the outside view. The more sunlight falls on them, the darker they become, yet give a clearer view of the outside from inside the room. This technique will work best for you because you can control the sunlight that falls in your room by lowering and raising the slats yet don’t have to compromise on privacy and also not worry about making your room more crowded by completely blocking out the sun. With these shades, you don’t have to make the trade-off between a completely closed room and a room that comes with privacy. At night you can completely close these blinds and not worry about its reversed mechanisms. These window coverings are one of the best options you will have when it comes to installing shades in smaller rooms.
Solar Shades for Small Windows
5. Cellular shades
When it comes to controlling the light in the room to add to its space, cellular shades are also a good option. These shades, which are also known as ‘honeycomb shades’, do much for lighting adjustments too. They are made in slats which comprise of honeycomb-shaped cells. There are two benefits of using these shades. Firstly, as we mentioned they are arranged in slats and it is easier to control the sunlight that falls in the room and you can make your room look spacious by adjusting it accordingly during the days. Secondly, these shades are very good at providing insulation and have a high R-value. They are energy-efficient and will keep the temperature regulated. This second feature comes in very handy because small rooms tend to get stuffy and with a window covering installed, it might not get sufficient ventilation. Cellular shades solve both these problems and are a very good solution to making space and making your room more comfortable.
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Apart from these techniques that you can employ while decorating your small rooms, there are a few more things that you can keep in mind while doing so. We understand doing it is not an easy task, and a few tricks may make your job easier. Firstly, raised furniture creates space. This comes handy when you install cabinets in your room. If your cabinets are higher up on the wall than your bed, your room automatically has more space because you are not only using the horizontal space of the room but the vertical sphere too. Secondly, carefully installed mirrors can do a lot of work for you. So, you can get the help of a professional or think of it yourself but adding mirrors and using the mirrors to make your room look spacious is an old technique and is frequently used in shops and offices. Maybe, you can employ it in your house too.

Use the aforementioned tropes and chose the correct window cover solutions for your small room keeping the points in mind and you will easily be able to make your small room very affable and aesthetic. It is not as difficult as it looks, and you will have a great time making the arrangements for it!