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How To Choose The Right Colored Blinds

How To Choose Right Colored Blinds

What are the factors you keep in mind while choosing window shades? Certainly, it differs from person to person. So let us try to keep this simple for you. What feature in a window treatment do you notice first? Even as the visitors coming to your house on a late evening dinner may have different tastes and not really appreciate your blinds the way you do, you might have your own reasons for doing so.Well, let me tell you mine. It’s the color. Believe it or not, the color of an essential part of home decor such as blinds might evoke a stronger emotion for many than other factors that are generally deemed important by bloggers and sellers, such as texture, shape, size, etc. Different colors portray different moods. Brighter colors denote positivity and vibrancy, while subtle colors showcase simplicity, subtlety and relaxation.

Choosing the Right Colored Blinds

Merely going for your favorite color is never enough. We cannot purchase items based on our whims and fancies. Grey is a color that not many might appreciate as a standalone color, but it looks great on honeycomb shades and vertical blinds. Brown or beige might not be the favorites of many of us, but faux wood and wood shades with those thick slats on a medium-sized window may seldom look good in any other color. Thus, choosing the right colored blinds will depend a lot on how open-minded we are with different options.

Like the above-mentioned colors, yellow is one such color that can brighten up your indoors effortlessly and rev up your surroundings in no time, thus making you fall in love with your home all the more. Whether you use yellow as a valance over your shutters or as a blackout curtain, it will serve well to amp up the look of your home.

The different kinds of window treatments that you can use in this color are as follows.

1. Sheer window coverings: These are see-through window treatments that let in a lot of light. You can put them up as an additional layer to some other room darkening or blackout window shades such as cellular shades or aluminum blinds when the weather is too warm or cold. However, these coverings can be excellent window treatments when you want the maximum amount of light to enter your home. In yellow or white, they can prove to be excellent window dressing ideas for giving your windows a ravishing appearance.
Zebra Dual Sheer Blackout Shades
2. Semi-Sheer: A step above sheer window coverings, they let in a decent amount of sunlight, while helping to block glare. They are suitable to use in milder climates, but for extreme tropical climates or chilly winters, you would rather need insulated window treatments. Semi-sheer window treatments generally come in woven designs, adding a layer of sophistication and flamboyance to your window space.
Semi Sheer Window Coverings
3. Room Darkening: These window coverings block the outside light to a fine extent, thus enabling privacy and coziness in your home. As the name suggests, they will prove to be useful in a room where security and a good rest without the natural light bothering you is of utmost concern. Yellow-colored room darkening curtains with contrast floral, ethnic or geometric designs may be a good choice.
Yellow Room Darkening Curtains
4. Blackout: Blackout window shades almost block out the entire outside light, giving the room a darkened appearance when they are set. You cannot work in a room with blackout curtains drawn all the way without having an artificial light switched on. It is thus advisable to have another layer of light-filtering shades when you have these shades in your room.
CrystalPleat Graber Blackout Cellular Shades
In conclusion, the right colored blinds, whether they are in a light filtering, room darkening or blackout fabric, can easily become the highlight of the room whether you are relaxing or are having friends and family for dinner. The colors of a room have a direct impact on our well-being, and they have the power to uplift our moods when you’re not having a good day. So choose one that can brighten up the room instead of giving it a dull and unappealing look, and see how the ambiance of the entire place changes in the blink of an eye.

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