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How to Choose Right Patio Door Blinds

Patio Door Blinds

Patio Doors and How to Dress Them

Spending time outdoors is always fun. Catching up with friends over a glass of beer, bonding over a barbeque, spending some solitary moments watching the sun going down or enjoying some early morning peaceful moments before work kicks in, make up some of our favorite moments and can be extremely refreshing. Whether summer, autumn, winter or spring, every season has something fresh to offer and a slice of outdoor space is what you need to enjoy them. This outdoor space can be a patio, deck, veranda or balcony.

Your patio is an open area adjoining the house and has a door opening into it from the house. It is furnished with some beautiful garden furniture, swings, plants, etc. to create a cozy ambiance. The door that opens into the patio is referred to as a patio door. It is one of the most used doors in the house particularly in summer and autumn when you want to spend lot of time outdoors. Patio doors are big and wide and they look beautiful from inside the house and outside. However, like windows, patio doors also need to be effectively dressed up. So how do you choose the right window treatment for your doors?

Choosing Patio Door Blinds and Shades: Things to Keep in Mind

Since patio doors are used a lot they need blinds are shades that open easily and also withstand heavy use. What are the things to keep in mind while choosing a window treatment for your patio doors?

1. Patio doors are big and they allow a lot of natural light to flow in which is great. But too much of glaring light may not be desirable. You need a shade to control how much light shines in.
2. While patio doors allow a beautiful view of your outdoors and garden, it exposes the interiors of the house to the outsider. There are curious and prying eyes everywhere and they might take a special interest in peeping into your house which will compromise your privacy. You need shades that will help safeguard your privacy.
3. During the hot summer months with the sun shining brightly over your patio doors allow a lot of sunshine to pour into your house. There are harmful UV rays that can damage the interior of your house, your expensive furnishings and also your health. You need blinds and shades that can offer protection against these rays.
4. Similarly, during the summer, patio doors allow warm air to flow in, making the interiors hot. Your air conditioners will have to burn more electricity to keep your home cool thereby causing your energy bills to rise. In the winter, the patio doors will cause cold drafts to flow in which will overwork your thermostats. In both cases, electricity bills will go sky-rocketing. You need treatments that will offer added insulation to the doors during winter to prevent heat loss and in summer to keep out the heat and keep the interiors cool. In short, you need energy-efficient blinds or shades for your patio doors.
5. What type of door you have chosen for your patio also has an important bearing on the type of treatment you choose for the door. You can have sliding doors that will work on a track. They are a great choice because they take up less space to operate. You can have hinged patio doors that will swing open inside or outside depending upon which side you have more space. You can also opt for folding doors if you have a big opening to cover. All of these a great choice for your patio door but they will also impact the type of shade or blind that you choose.
6. Finally where you stay will influence your choice of shades for your patio. If you live in a coastal area, your house will be exposed to high amount of moisture throughout the year. You may be keeping your patio doors open for a considerable length of time which will cause the weather to affect your shades. In such cases, you have to consider moisture resistant shades that have the ability to survive excess humidity and moisture.

Types of Shades and Blinds for Patio Doors

The above factors greatly influence your choice of window treatments for your patio doors. Based on these needs let us take a quick look at the types of shades and blinds that are available in the market.

Solar Shades
If you live in a region that experiences fairly hot summers with the sun shining brightly over you then you need solar shades for your patio door. They are great for reducing glare and blocking out the harmful UV rays. They also help to keep out the heat and keep the interiors fairly cool. They are perfect for the sliding doors and available in different transparencies which, while blocking out the sun and its rays, maintain a beautiful view of the outside.
Solar Shades for Patio Doors
Roller Shades
Roller shades make a good choice of treatment for patio doors. You can select the type of material you want. They are available in blackout and light filtering options that help to preserve your privacy from the prying eyes of strangers.
Roman Shades
These are extremely versatile shades that are not only functional but add elegance and class to any home décor. Like roller shades, you can choose from light-filtering, blackout options. They stack beautifully when raised and are great for high-traffic areas like your patio.
Roman Shades for Patio Doors
Shades for Sliding Patio Doors
If you have sliding patio doors to cover then you can choose from Vertical Blinds, Vertical Cellular Shades and Plantation Shutters.
• Vertical Blinds are durable and lightweight and you can choose from an array of materials like vinyl, fabric or faux wood. They allow light filtration and offer much-needed privacy.
• Plantation shutters are as contemporary as traditional and blend well with any décor. They are available in faux wood and vinyl material. They are energy efficient as they help to block heat.
• Vertical Cellular Shades are extremely energy efficient as they help trap air in their honeycomb pockets. They help to prevent heat gain and loss.
• Draperies also look extremely elegant and graceful on patio doors. You can choose light-filtering or blackout liners which will help preserve your privacy.
Vertical Cellular Shades for Patio
Shades for Hinged French Patio Doors
If you have hinged doors for your patio then you have to take into consideration that unlike sliding doors, these will swing open on any one side. So the shade you choose must not interfere with the functionality of the doors. You can choose from cellular shades, faux wood or wood blinds, Roman shades or aluminum shades. What is important is that the shade is mounted on the side that does not have the doors opening into, or mounted above the opening so that they clear the movement of the door itself.
Shades for Hinged Patio Doors
Moisture Resistant Shades
If you are living in coastal areas that have high amount of moisture in the air then select shade material that can sustain this humidity. Faux Wood and vinyl are best suited because they do not warp or peel off, unlike wood. They are also more durable than fabric which becomes lusterless from prolonged exposure to water.
Patio doors are a great addition to your homes and they look stunning. When it comes to dressing them up it is important not to compromise on quality or type of shade as it can impact your interior décor, curb appeal, functionality and privacy.

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