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How To Choose Between Motorized and Smart Window Blinds

How To Choose Between Motorized and Smart Window Blinds

The importance of convenience and the introduction of motorized and smart blinds

The window covering market has gone through a series of changes with respect to trends in terms of different types of window treatments that have the ability to insulate, provide privacy, control light and be energy efficient. Furthermore, these trends were also dictated by what the consumer base considered to be fashionable and how the window treatments affect the aesthetic of a home and the kind of ambience they could provide. While functionality and aesthetic are fundamental criteria even today, the window treatment industry, just like almost every other major industry has fallen victim to a third criteria, which is the concept of convenience.

In this fast-paced modern world, people prefer saving as much time as possible so that they can dedicate themselves to whatever they prioritise. This is why people now have smart home systems and automated appliances to make their lives easier to lead. The window covering market has also adapted by incorporating the criteria of convenience to offer window treatments that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and increases the quality of a consumer’s life.

In order to meet this criterion, the two primary introductions into the market are motorised blinds and smart blinds. Both of these window coverings are quite similar, yet have some discernible differences in how they function. This blog post will help in ironing out the differences between them in order to help you decide which you prefer based on your needs and tastes. These window treatments have become very desirable and it is highly recommended that you capitalise on these window treatments to move one step closer to automation.

What are motorised blinds?

Motorised blinds are essentially a set of blinds that have a built-in motor that can be used to control whenever you want to raise or lower the slats. This motor is usually powered by a battery or a plugged-in power source (solar power too in some rare cases). You can use a remote or your Smartphone to control the raising or lowering of the blinds.

What are the benefits of motorised shades?

Motorized window shades, such as the motorized wood blinds, make it so that you don’t have to physically reach out to your windows or walk towards them to raise or lower them. You will more often than not, find yourself in a situation where you constantly need to adjust your blinds to control the amount of light entering your room as the day goes by. This can distract you from your daily routine and disrupt your flow. With motorised blinds however, you won’t find yourself in such a situation.

You may also have windows that are higher up on the walls or a skylight cover for your skylights. These are obviously difficult to reach manually. Motorised blinds make sure that you don’t have to exert yourself or take unnecessary risks. Vertical blinds or curtains that cover sliding patio doors can be heavy due to their considerable size. You can avoid having to balance the weight of these window treatments on your shoulders with motorised shades.

What are smart blinds?

To put things into perspective vis-à-vis motorised blinds, smart blinds are simply an extension of motorised blinds. These blinds can work without human intervention. For them to work without any manual effort, they are also obviously, equipped with a built-in motor. But, while you have the option of controlling them with a remote or Smartphone, they can make their own decisions or follow a perpetual command regarding when they can lower and raise themselves.

They are connected to a smart home system and have sensors that can gauge the surrounding light (internal and external), temperature as well the time of the day and decide whether or not it must raise or lower itself. They are also equipped with a voice command feature that is compatible with Google Home, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa so that you can control them by giving commands only through your speech.

What are the benefits of smart blinds?

Given the nature of these blinds, it is natural that they would inherit the same benefits as motorised blinds. But they also have certain additional benefits. You can set a timer for when you want your blinds to open everyday during different times of the day. An interesting way of using your smart blinds is having them raise themselves during the sunrise as a natural alarm clock.

You can also integrate your other smart home systems like smart lights, security systems, smart thermostats to improve the performance of your blinds and other smart devices while truly incorporating the ‘Internet of Things’ phenomenon in your home.

While conventional motorised blinds require you to use a remote or Smartphone to control them, smart blinds make sure you can have hands-free control because of their voice command feature. While your hands are busy in the kitchen or when you’re busy working out in the gym or doing some yoga, you don’t have to break from your routine to operate them.

What is the difference between motorised and smart blinds?

To put it bluntly, conventional blinds require human intervention, while motorised blinds reduce this to a large degree. Smart blinds on the other hand, require no human intervention for most of their daily work.

Some other benefits of smart and motorised blinds

While the primary feature of these blinds is convenience oriented. They are also known to be a much safer option. Traditional blinds use cords as a controlling mechanism. Cords can be a choking hazard for children and pets. There are ways to reduce the risk of choking by cords. However, smart and motorised blinds completely eliminate the need for cords in the first place.

Being smart or motorised also means that your blinds can have a longer life. This is because the susceptibility to wear and tear is heightened when they are manually controlled due to roughness and negligence.

Choosing between motorised and smart blinds

If you are already used to having smart devices, smart blinds are highly recommended. But, if you are apprehensive about using smart blinds, you can gradually move towards using them by starting out with motorised blinds. If you prefer to be more in control while still having some convenience and flexibility, motorised blinds can be perfect for you. It all boils down to a question of personal preference.