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How To Bring A Soft Calm Look Inside with Window Blinds

How To Bring A Soft Calm Look Inside with Window Blinds

Home is the place where one yearns to have a quiet and comfortable stay. Therefore, it becomes essential to select a window treatment that provides grace and charm to the room and helps create a soft, calm, and tranquil environment. To achieve this, modern window blinds are sought for by many when it comes to window coverings.

What are blinds?

Blind is a broad term used to denote both blinds and shades in day-to-day life. These do maintain a line of demarcation, although they serve the same function of covering the window and providing sunlight protection and privacy. Blinds are made of various materials and are available in different styles and sizes to suit an individual customer’s requirements. However, common to all the blinds are individual slats, which can be tilted open and close. Generally, the controlling mechanism is a cord on the side of the blind that enables the owner to operate it as per the need.

How to bring a soft calm look inside with window blinds

Curating a soft look in a room is imperative to encourage a calm environment in the space.This is especially significant in high stress-producing areas such as the home office.The following are some of the window blinds options which can help create the desired look inside the room:

  • Blue Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds are an age-old window treatment known for their functionality and the royal elegance it bestows on the rooms. There are many varieties of Roman shades, but the common binding thread is that it folds when rolled up. The only flip side is that since the entire fabric is folded at the top, it blocks some portion of the window at the top. Roman shades come with lining to give a full blackout feature, providing complete sunlight protection and absolute privacy. In addition, blue roman blinds specifically can help create a soft and calm look inside a room. According to colour psychology, blue is a soothing colour that can help calm down an agitated mind. Blue coloured roman blinds elevate the ambience of the room and create a soft and calm look simultaneously. Because of the calm and relaxing nature of blue-coloured roman blinds, many designers consider it as one of the best window coverings in the bedrooms. Alternatively, soft and neutral shades of blue can be good options to create a peaceful and calm look in a room.

  • Soft Pastel Pink Roller Blinds:

Roller Blinds are another option to create a soothing and calm environment in a room. Roller blinds are made up of synthetic or natural fabrics and are rolled up and down. They also offer motorization, which reduces the effort of the owner to operate the blind. In the absence of an automatic option, the basic models of roller blinds have a cord to operate the shade. To further elevate the look of the shade, many choose to get a valance to cover the headrail at the top. Furthermore, roller blinds also come with the option of blackout lining to block the sunlight completely.Moreover, they also provide the possibility of having double roller blinds, which means having two blinds in one window, each with a unique fabric for different functionalities.

Pink might not appeal to many as a soothing color as it can be perceived as a brighter hue. But, soft pastel pink is one such shade that can create a calm atmosphere in the room. Soft pastel pink roller blinds help create an elegant, and serene ambience in the room. It is recommended to have a soft and light toned wall as well, to avoid the crashing of two colors.

  • Lime Green Venetian Blinds:

Venetian Blinds are trendy when it comes to the selection of window blinds. It is because of their practicability and ease of use. The best part of the Venetian blinds is that they come with the option of customization for every kind of window and provide good privacy and sunlight control. Some advanced models of the Venetians come with the choice of motorization as well. With its wide array of color choices, the blinds are also available in bamboo, faux wood, vinyl, wood, and aluminum. They work best with smaller windows and single doors.

Lime green Venetian blinds are best suited to create a soft and calm looking inside a room. This shade will go well with other lighter shades, and should considered when finalising the shade of other room décor and walls.  They combine well to create a calm ambience with white or brown shades.  This lime green Venetian blinds are an ideal choice when eco-styled theme is the goal.  In addition, they also create a country-style theme in the room which makes an individual feel in touch with nature. Majority of the time, we feel calm and composed when we are in the lap of nature, and the colour green predominates. Lime green coloured Venetian have the same impact on the psyche of an individual.

  • White Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are the ones in which the slats run from top to bottom. They can either be opened from one side to the other across a sliding bar or parted through the centre. These are versatile blinds and can be used for patio doors or big windows that run from the ceiling to the floor. Typically, vertical blinds are made out of wood, fabric, or PVC. The most significant advantage of using vertical blinds is that they provide good sunlight protection and privacy. It is also relatively easy to maintain them. They provide good insulation to the room and protect the furniture from the scorching rays of the sun.

It is advisable to use white coloured vertical blind to create a soft and calm atmosphere in a room. White is traditionally considered as pure and delicate. It also radiates perfection, cleanliness, goodness, and calmness.  In stark contrast to black, it reflects harsh sunlight which is detrimental in a comfortable space. The white vertical blinds bring that much needed calm and serenity to the overall ambience of the room.

It becomes essential to create a soft and calm look inside the room through window treatments for the overall calmness and wellness of an individual. Use the list above to choose the best option for you. Not only can the different types of window solutions bring a soothing vibe to a space, but the color of choice also presents its advantages.