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How To Bring a Farmhouse Feel with Window Curtains?


What Is Farmhouse Décor?

The ambience of a farmhouse is associated with a sense of warmth and comfort. Farmhouses are seen as a place where families or loved ones can get together and have a mini-vacation. They act as a means of escape for the arduous working lives of people. A sense of remoteness and being closed off really helps in making people feel like they’ve temporarily retreated from their monotonous schedule.

If you have a farmhouse or if you have a home that you want to ascribe a farmhouse type vibe to, you will need certain décor to give off that farmhouse feel. This can be a little tricky though. While your décor needs to be slightly primitive and bring about a sense of nostalgia of simpler times, you also need your décor to befit a modern home.

Farmhouses made their way into the rest of the world from England in the mid-1700s. They were largely wooden structures. This was also a time where textured fabric and neutral colours were quite trendy. While looking for décor that gives a farmhouse feel you will want to incorporate these elements while also adding modern features like modern blinds to suit current times.

That being said, it is highly recommended that you start with window treatments. Window treatments control the light, privacy and temperature of a home while also adding aesthetic appeal to a room. Given the implications of these features, window treatments have a massive impact on the look of a room. This is why you can start with looking for window treatments for your farmhouse, gauge the look and feel and model the rest of the house around this look. Fortunately, window treatments are versatile and have adapted to fit the needs of every kind of home, ensuring that you don’t have to look too far for your ideal window treatment.

Window treatments that can help give a farmhouse feel

  • Sheer curtains – A key component or reason why farmhouses are known to be warm and welcoming is because of the soothing brightness that engulfs a home. You would want a light brightness and breeze in your home as opposed to over exposure of your home to sunlight which can make your rooms hot and cause glare too. In light of this, sheer curtains are one of the best options you have at your disposal. They have a neutral translucent color and a soft texture that allows a light breeze and filters the sunlight to give your rooms a modest brightness.
  • Bamboo shades –You might have noticed that farmhouses are a fusion between the outside environment and your interiors. While woven wooden shades and natural blinds are some ways to bring natural materials into your home, bamboo shades are also a viable option you can definitely look into. These shades are a little more unique than your conventional set of shades. They are cost-effective and affordable. They are also durable in nature and help in keeping a home cool with their natural insulating abilities. They also help in controlling light and come in different textures and designs. Bamboo shades offer a simple, yet classic elegance that can give off a farmhouse feel.
  • Faux Wooden Blinds –Faux wooden blinds are modern take on a classical approach to the farmhouse aesthetic. Faux wooden blinds have the texture and look of real wooden blinds despite the fact that they are made out of PVC. This gives them a natural look while also ensuring that they are moisture and heat resistant while have the general ability to be more durable. Modern farmhouses can really benefit from faux wooden blinds. You can choose a rustic or sleek finish and decide amongst their versatile looks. They appear to be just as authentic as real wooden blinds despite being more affordable, durable and easier to maintain. They are also lighter and easier to use compared to real wooden blinds.
  • Cellular Roller Shades – The environment around a farmhouse is known to have a slightly hot and humid temperature which doesn’t fully seep in to the farmhouse itself. While you can modernise your farmhouse with air conditioning, you can opt for something more traditional like cellular roller shades. These are easy to use because of the control mechanism fastened to the roller fabric. Furthermore, they have commendable insulation capabilities. Cellular fabric has pockets called ‘cells’ or ‘honeycombs’ that trap the hot air coming through the window. This slows the hot air down keeping the rooms cooler. The insulation is not only natural but it is more energy efficient as well.
  • Café curtains – Café curtains get their name and reputation because they give off a breezy and sophisticated look at public places. Why can’t you use them for getting a farmhouse aesthetic then? Unlike sheer curtains you can try darker shades or even have interesting patterns to go with the rest of your décor as such. Café curtains are considered to be vintage window treatments that still work in the modern era.


Unlike a modern home where the décor has to be organised and symmetrical, farmhouses are a place where people wind down and are a little more laid back. Find a window treatment that makes you feel calm and free-spirited. Once you do that, the rest of your décor will automatically fall in place.

If you personally feel like white, woody brown and grey colours might be a little too repetitive, you can choose some window treatments that have an earthy green texture like bamboo shades or even floral patterns that café curtains have.

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