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5 Ways to Lighten Up a Home and Make It Feel Like New

How to Brighten a Dark Room

How To Brighten a Dark Room? Best Possible Ways To Invite Brightness Into Your Room


Changing the color and improving the brightness can really transform a room in a dramatic way and makes it look more beautiful than before. But most people think that if they make the room brighter by allowing in the sunlight, you cannot protect your home from the outside weather. By allowing light inside, you might also think that you will have to compromise in terms of privacy.

But how to brighten a dark room without compromising on privacy? It’s not just about allowing the light in, but it’s about adding light colored furniture and other decorative items to make your home look bright and pleasant. 

Make it Bright Because Brightness is Beautiful

If you are wondering how to brighten a dark room, we are here to help. There are many ways to make your room brighter. You can choose bright colors for painting your rooms and choose to design your interior decor in bright colors.

Many people also choose to add custom lighting to make the room brighter. But, all these are not the natural methods of accessing the natural lighting into your room. There are advantages to increasing the amount of natural light you let into your home.

Benefits of Natural Light

  • Science says natural light increases productivity
  • When we are exposed to natural sunlight, it reduces stress and tiredness
  • Natural light also makes you be more attentive and focused
  • A study also says that natural light is a great therapy for depression
  • When a person is exposed to natural light it stimulates the brain and makes him feel happier
  • Natural light also helps in achieving a good sleep
  • Compared to the artificial light, natural light makes us fall asleep sooner
  • Medicine says that being exposed to natural light increases your immunity and makes you strong
  • Natural light also reduces bugs and other insects or any other bacteria from your room

But There Are Also Many Other Disadvantages of Allowing Natural Light

  • The harmful UV rays from the sun cause many dangerous effects
  • UV rays are harmful to skin and cause serious health problems
  • It also leads to skin cancer
  • Harsh light also results in fading and warping of your valuables

So it is very important to be careful in allowing the required amount of light into your room. Allowing the light and making your room bright is very easy with modern window treatments

Light Filtering Window Treatments

Light filtering window treatments do an awesome job in filtering the harmful UV rays while letting natural light into your home. These window treatments also help in providing the desired amount of privacy while keeping your room bright. They enhance the charm of your room and make it look bright and beautiful.

Here are 5  light filtering window treatment suggestions to make your home bright by allowing the desired amount of natural light: 

1) Pull Down Honeycomb Blinds

Pull Down Honeycomb Blinds

  • These window treatments offer superior insulation besides allowing the natural light inside your home.
  • They make your home energy efficient with the superior insulation and hence help to reduce your energy bills.
  • Pull down honeycomb shades also help to maintain the peace in your home by sound absorption.
  • The smooth and soft fabric of these Pull down honeycomb shades allows the diffused light and provides excellent privacy for your indoors.
  • The top-down approach of these shades makes them easily operated.
  • The Pulldown honeycomb shades require simple installation.

2) Superior Custom Shutters

Superior Custom Shutters

Shutters are a great way to decorate your home and invite the natural light in a decent way. Shutters allow the required amount of light inside your home. They also provide privacy and keep your indoors safe. They block the view of the outsiders. Superior custom shutters are made up of top quality wood that brings an ultimate aesthetic to your room and home.

3) Sheer Vertical Track Blinds

Vertical Track Blinds

Sheer vertical track blinds are a great addition to your home. These blinds make your home bright by providing you with ultimate access to light control. The vertical track blinds are easy to clean and hence easy to maintain. If you have nosy neighbors, they provide great privacy.

If you want to allow the light in you can open the vanes of these blinds. If you want to block the total light you can keep the vanes closed. Through the sheer fabric, the softly diffused light enters your room which makes it look bright and beautiful. 

4) Top Down Bottom Up Woven Wood Shades

Top Down Bottom up Woven Wood Shades

With the Top Down Bottom Up Woven Wood Shades, you can achieve the ambiance you wanted to give to your room. These shades act as a beautiful ornament to enhance the glamour of your home. The woven style of these shades gives a natural touch to the overall beauty of your home. When you want to allow light in, you can keep the shades open and enjoy the natural light.

5) Curved Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Curved Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Curved Vinyl Vertical Blinds is one of the perfect choices to invite natural light into your home. With a wonderful durability, these shades add beauty and elegance to your room. With these shades, you can enjoy the diffused natural light and also enjoy the privacy they offer.

These blinds are strong and resistant to fire, dust, heat and other extreme conditions and hence these blinds are a perfect choice for any season.

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