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The Best Blinds for Enjoying Natural Sunlight in Your Room

How To Block Sunlight Heat From Windows

How to Block Sunlight Heat From Windows


Have you ever felt the need to just let loose for a few minutes and open your windows? Don’t you sometimes feel like letting your house bask in some soothing, natural sunlight? While the thought may itself be romantic, this is not always a practical solution. You can afford to open your windows if the weather is pleasant with some cool breeze at play. However, if the heat is too much to handle, opening your windows may prove to be detrimental to your well-being. Similarly, pulling up those window panes might not be worth all the effort if you end up snuggling in bed with a heavy quilt on during the winters.


Window Decorating Ideas for Summer


Letting natural light in the absence of window blinds is a good idea “only” when the house experiences a pleasant weather all year round: when sitting with a book on the deck is a preferable to staying in bed, or when candlelight dinners with your better half are a regular thing.

This is not to say that people who stay in places that are exposed to extreme temperatures cannot afford to have at least some natural sunlight in their abode! Of course, you can, provided you have some premium, good-quality blinds to help you do that!

In this section we look at some of the best in the class window decorating ideas for summer, i.e. window blinds that let you enjoy the natural sunlight in your home without compromising on your comfort.


1) Sheer Blinds


Sheer Blinds And Shades


Sheer blinds and shades are often the top picks for people who prefer soothing hues to go along with the sobriety of the living space. Such blinds are ideal for large rooms with Palladian windows, and their smooth and soft textures are pleasant on the eyes and easy to maintain.

Sheer blinds are one of the classier blinds, lending the room a comforting glow with their fabric that lets in natural sunlight freely. It is best to set up sheer blinds in rooms where privacy isn’t a major concern. In case you might be bothered by the heat when summers become hotter, you can layer your windows with an additional drapery panel to protect the house.

2) Roller Shades


Roller Shades


Welcome to the ultimate window treatment solution for scorching summers! The reasons why people prefer having them installed for all windows of the house is the multiple advantages associated with them. The pertinent question of how to block sunlight heat from windows stands answered with these blinds. The primary advantage of roller solar shades is their innate protection against the harmful effects of the sun. Their fabric is made from specific properties that protect your house against ultraviolet glare and radiation, which may have long-lasting and detrimental effects on your health.

The other obvious advantage is that they allow light and air to pass through. Their special fabric allows the place to be filled with natural sunlight without heating up the home. This fabulous feature makes them excellent insulators during summers and brings down the electricity bills substantially. Besides, they offer a good enough view of the outside; hence, you will not feel isolated when you’re indoors. It’s always a good idea to layer bay windows with roller shades and enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying a clear enough view.

3) Venetian Blinds


Aluminum Venetian Blinds


Another window solution that is pretty popular throughout the country is having Venetian blinds installed in your room. They can be easily customized to fit any size of the window in any room, and their horizontal slats can be accordingly tilted to let in the amount of sunlight you desire.

They are made of varied materials, including aluminum, plastic, wood, and PVC. When they are made of wood, are also referred to as wood blinds, especially in the United States. Venetian blinds typically come with corded options, but a few modern ones can be available in remote controlling or motorized options with headrails or the top down bottom up method of operation.

When the temperatures are neutral, the bottom of the blinds can be pushed downward to allow some soothing sunlight to pass through. When the heat is too much to be tolerated, you can use the lift cord to close them and enjoy the privacy of your room.

4) Day Night Honeycomb Shades


Day Night Honeycomb Shades


Cloudy days when the sun isn’t shining can upset our mood. Moreover, they entail spending more on light bulbs inside our home or office for continuing to do our work and carrying on about our daily tasks. However, in the presence of natural sunlight, our sense of well-being undergoes a paradigm shift and we, once again, start feeling energized and active. And to allow this natural sunlight in our claustrophobic space, day night cellular window shades come in handy.

These window treatments consist of two shades: one half of which is light filtering, while the other half is room darkening or blackout. You can move the shades to fit your specific light or privacy needs. They are also great options for privacy when you want some alone time to catch up on your sleep or finish a work assignment. They are also great options to block glare and prevention against outside sounds or unwanted intruders. They are best suited for any kind of room, be it your bedroom, a media room, a living room, or a kitchen.

5) Vertical Panels

Vertical panels are extremely stylish options to install on your windows, especially for French or patio doors. They are smart, sleek and modern-looking window treatments with elongated louvers hanging freely down the headrails. They can be operated by way of a cord, and maintain a voluminous decor of sophisticated for big, wide windows. They come in a variety of materials, including fabric, sheer, vinyl, and wood. Some of them are dustproof and moisture-proof, making them easy to clean and maintain.

They can be conveniently drawn to one side. As they hang loosely at the bottom, they can allow enough natural sunlight and a fresh breeze even when they are closed. However, at times the area experiences storms or heavy winds, they may collide against one another, making them more prone to wear and tear than any of their counterparts.

6) Plantation Shutters


Custom Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters are some of the most versatile window coverings available for modern homes. They are modern, elegant and sumptuous and come in a wide assortment of colors and designs to satisfy even the most skeptic shoppers.

An important question that people generally ask while shopping for them is: how much percentage of sunlight do they allow? This is an especially important consideration as most of them are known for their blackout features. The slats between them allow for a decent view of outside and some natural sunlight, although they are not the best window coverings when you want an unhindered view of outside. However, you might consider buying shutters with larger slats that can flood a room with sunlight when opened during the day. When they are closed, there’s hardly any other window treatment that provides excellent protection against sounds and UV glare.


For shopping for the ultimate window blinds for letting in natural sunlight, you must take several factors into consideration, most important being the climate your place experiences through the year. There are other things to list out as well, including your budget and the size of the windows. List down your alternatives and go for the best one when you’re out shopping.

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