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How to Block Out Light in a Nursery

How To Block Out Light In A Nursery

If you ever wonder where your little ones get their energy from, the answer is a good night’s sleep. After all that jumping around all day, it’s not a surprise that they can barely keep their eyes open at bedtime. To get them settled into a peaceful slumber, you need a quiet, cozy and dark nursery.

But that’s easier said than done during the summer months. A bright sunny nursery is very important for maintaining a healthy space but can be a real bother during bedtime. With sunlight flooding the room, it is a bit hard to convince your kids that it’s time for bed.

Putting them to sleep is a serious business, as any parent with energetic babies and toddlers would agree. Sleep is very important for a child’s health and well-being. This is especially true for babies as they tire easily and need a peaceful rest before they get going again. Little ones need up to 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep, along with short naps during the day. Disturbed sleep can disrupt your routine and make your little-one tired, restless and listless.

The same goes for you. For parents with a busy schedule and plenty of housework, a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential. You cannot stay energetic and cheerful if you have to make numerous trips to the nursery to lull the baby back to sleep.

There are a few ways you can block out light in a nursery and installing blackout blinds is one of them. It is also the easiest one.

During summer, days are more active and bed-time approaches faster than usual. A couple of hours of play in the garden calls for a quick nap. But a day-time nap becomes impossible in a room flooded with sunlight. A bright sunny day also brings up the temperature of the room.

It is the same story at bedtime. In summer months, the sun is still high up in the sky when the sleepyheads are ready for bed. And the mornings bring little relief. The sun is up long before they are ready to get out of bed.
Black-out blinds or shades create the perfect ambiance needed to wind the little ones down. The dark setting, coupled with reduced temperature, acts as a natural sleep inducer. You can block the light, while letting the room return to its normal temperature. Blackout blinds or shades are specially created for that night-time effect, shrouding your room with complete darkness.

Benefits of Blackout Blinds and Shades

Blackout blinds are made of opaque threads that are tightly woven together. They are a great improvement on the usual light-filtering curtains that are generally made out of loosely bound threads that creates a glow inside the room. Blackout shades use thick materials like silk, velvet, or polyester blends to find that pitch-dark effect. They also use fiberglass covered with PVC or acrylic foam backing. If you prefer shutters, they are available in wood or composite wood and aluminum.

Besides cutting-off light, blackout blinds have some other benefits that add subtle touches to the general ambiance of the nursery.

Blackout blinds are designed from special materials that:
• Absorb harmful UV rays and stop them from reaching the interiors. This protects your little ones from over-exposure to sunlight. They also protect the nursery furniture from early damage.
• Provides insulations that help reduce your energy by reducing the use of air-conditioners.
• Blocks out the noise from outside to a large extent. Your little ones can have a peaceful snooze, undisturbed by the usual daytime hustle and bustle.
Blackout Window Treatments for Baby Nursery

Spoiled for Choice?

Selecting the perfect design for the nursery is very important for parents. A window is a dominant feature of a room, so the blinds need to blend in with the overall theme you have selected for the nursery. But don’t worry! The practical benefits of blackout blinds do not mean they are any less stylish than other options.
You can select a blackout fabric to go with any product of your choice. The window treatment market is flooded with products that would fit your budget and taste.

Blackout Blinds

It is definitely the most popular option that comes in mind when one thinks of blackout window treatment. It is the most practical choice and comes in a wide range of colors and designs, just like any other blinds.
Kids Safe Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout Cellular Shades

If blinds don’t suit your style, you can also opt for blackout cellular shades. These shades also come with varied lift mechanisms to make the operation hassle-free.
Blackout Cellular Shades

Blackout Skylight Shades

If the nursery has a rooftop window, that shines the light directly into the room, skylight shades made of blackout materials are the perfect solution. They come with all the usual benefits of other window shades and are equally effective in blocking out the sun, heat and noise.
Skylight Cellular Shades

Achieving Complete Blackout

Blackout blinds sometimes leave that faint outline of light peeking through the borders. If that happens, install side channels or light blockers. Layering is another option. Add another shade or blind to achieve double protection.

Don’t Forget to Make Them SMART

Safety is the foremost concern for any parent selecting nursery equipment. So why not go for smart blackout shades? These shades can be operated with a remote control, or with a smartphone. With no dangling cords, they are definitely the safest option for a nursery.

You can integrate smart features with any blackout shade or blind of your choice. Smart blackout shades will give you greater flexibility and operational ease, as you will be able to operate them remotely. Smart blackout blinds and shade use Z-wave technology to connect to home automation hubs. Once connected, you will be able to control the blinds from anywhere in the house. They are especially useful for those hard-to-reach windows. Now you can peacefully leave the little one to play near the window.
Take the stress out of bedtime. Block out the light, heat and noise to create the perfect setting for your kids to settle down and delve into the realm of dreams.